First Post!

So, I’ve tried blogging about a million things before, to no avail. I even tried blogging about weight loss maintenance once, but I wasn’t sure what to write about. I think it’s because I tried to write really big, thematic posts all the time rather than what is just on my mind. This time, I’ll try to do better 🙂

So a little bit of more current info. You already know from the about me section that I am working on maintaining my 113 pound weight loss via exercise and calorie counting.

I tend to focus on running for exercise, but lately it’s been sort of cold and icy. I don’t like to run if it’s below 20 degrees F (it just hurts my lungs) and although I bought some of those spiky things for running to use earlier this winter, after my roommate rescued her dog I started training the doggy to run with me, and I’m afraid she will slip and/or pull me down on the ice. So my running goal lately has been to do three days of doing couch to 5k with her and 2 other longer runs per week. So far, this has not been going well due to the weather. Instead, I’ve been doing at home circuit training/HIIT workouts. I’m still trying to figure out the difference. Mostly, I just alternate between cardio and strength. I sometimes do this in one big chunk but mostly do it in 5-10 minute intervals to stay warm throughout the day (now that I’ve lost weight I’m always SOOOOO cold). I’m hoping I can get back to running more soon, as my goal for the year is to run a half-marathon (I still need to find one, though…).

In terms of diet, I’ve been trying to average 1750 (net) calories per day, which seems to maintain my weight, although I am not sure because I don’t have a scale here. I’m trying to focus more on better nutrition, too. I finally went out and bought vitamin D supplements (I became deficient while obese but have been slacking on taking them) and I am trying to focus on eating vegetables at least 2 times a day and taking in over 100g of protein. The protein is easier (perhaps from that statement you can tell why vegetables are harder – I love meat and dairy!). I have a big party at my house this weekend so I’m trying to save my exercise calories until then, because I can’t work out that day – I also have a gigantic take home midterm to do.


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