My Love/Hate Relationship with Winter

So winter storm “Saturn” is coming (still not sure how I feel about the winter storm names) and it’s making me miserable. I really want to be out and running – it’s MARCH! But every single week I’ve been interupted by an ice storm. Now, I’ll run in the snow, cold, whatever – but it would be pretty much impossible to run on multiple inches of sleet/snow mess that will be slippy and terrible. I mean, a little ice is ok (with my shoe spiky things) but I don’t want to do anything dangerous. I’m just tired of having to do a thousand jumping jacks inside and of the dog being crazy hyperactive because she didn’t get to go running.

Speaking of running with the dog – funny story! We are on week four of couch to 5k together, and had our first 5 minute run yesterday. All was going well, and I thought we were almost done, when my phone started ringing. Thinking I only had about one minute left (it was the last running section), I decided to call the person back. Apparently, however, my phone ringing paused the couch to 5k timer automatically! I felt like we had been running more than 5 minutes so I glanced at my phone and saw something like “1:44” left, and felt like that was weird, and went with it. I then ran what I knew was about 1/4 mile more and therefore about the longest distance I could possibly run in that time and checked the phone again. It still said “1:44.” Oops. So River and I probably had more like our first 10 minute run yesterday! She handled it ok. She is very energetic and muscular, but she isn’t the best at understanding how to behave on a walk/run yet and I am worried about hurting her paws, so I have been trying to take things slowly.

Returning to my relationship with winter: I hate that I have to work out inside, hate being cold all the time, hate driving in the snow/ice, and hate that my vitamin D deficiency is probably just getting worse the whole time. The best solution to all of this would probably just be to move somewhere warm, but I don’t think I’d like that either. I love wearing sweaters and scarves, drinking hot chocolate, and curling up in blankets. I also hate being hot all the time more than I hate being cold all the time (you can put on infinite layers, but not take off infinite layers). I think I’d only be truly happy with the weather if I could somehow live in a place where it is always fall – cool, but not freezing, and not as rainy as spring!

And in case anyone is curious, I thought I’d discuss my super duper boring (but mostly effective) winter indoor workouts that I do. I have adapted these from things I saw on Pinterest (note: the effectiveness of most workouts on Pinterest is greatly exaggerated, hence the adaptations).

The main one I do is a variation something that I found that claimed it would burn “100 calories.” HAHAHAHAHA. Nope.  The original was seriously to do 40 jumping jacks, 30 crunches, 20 air squats, and 10 pushups. Now, I consider 2 full rounds through this (plus some extra on some sets now that I am more fit) 5 minutes of working out (mostly for myfitnesspal purposes). This workout is nice because I can just do a little 5 minute spree every now and then to stay warm and it just happens to burn some calories. Just doing this every couple of hours helps me get in about 30 minutes of working out a day, so I usually add in a couple sets even when I can go running. Here it is:

  • 100 Jumping Jacks
  • 60 Abs (i.e. 60 crunches or a 60 second plank)
  • 40 Legs (could be air squats, lunges, etc)
  • 25 Pushups

The other one I do is a normal Tabata-type workout. The only reason I edited it was to make it harder for myself (i.e. I substitute burpees for running in place from the original). It seems to work me much much much harder than the first even though I do the same types of workouts for a similar amount of time. I tend to use this as a dedicated workout instead of doing tiny sets throughout the day. I count each round through these 3 sets as 10 minutes of working out, because even though it is actually 12 minutes, it includes a lot of resting. Here it is:

  • 20 Second Burpees
  • 10 Second Rest
  • 20 Second Air Squats
  • 10 Second Rest
  • Repeat 4x
  • 20 Second Flying Lunges
  • 10 Second Rest
  • 20 Second Pushups
  • 10 Second Rest
  • Repeat 4x
  • 20 Second Jumping Jacks
  • 10 Second Rest
  • 20 Second Walking Plank
  • 10 Second Rest
  • Repeat 4x

I also just ordered the New Rules of Lifting for Women off Amazon so maybe I’ll become less bored by spending more time in the gym 🙂


2 thoughts on “My Love/Hate Relationship with Winter

  1. I’d love to live somewhere where its perfect fall weather all year long. When you find that place, please let me know! We could be neighbors!! Sorry the weather is keeping you and your puppy inside — hope it clears out soon. I’m pretty done with winter, myself, even though mine is much more mild! 🙂

    • This winter has been especially annoying here – last year I was running in a t-shirt and shorts in February!

      I’ll keep looking for a place with perfect weather 🙂

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