Horribly Embarrassing NSV

Before I begin – for those who don’t know, NSV = Non-Scale Victory

So yesterday, the class that I TA for had a huge midterm. The professor asked me about a week ago to pick up the exams from the office after they were printed, and, of course, I forgot. Seriously. I forgot their midterms. He asked if I could “run” and get them, and, being completely embarrassed (I mean, I had ONE JOB), I ran as fast as I could in gigantic bulky clothes and snowboots through the heavy snowfall (Saturn had just hit) to the building where the exams were at and back. It took me less than 10 minutes, and, later, when I looked up the distance of my route between these two buildings, I realized that it is about half of a mile (each way). Luckily, my speediness seems to have redeemed me – the professor seemed more impressed that I literally ran for them than anything.

I was mostly impressed that not only could I have not ran a 10 minute mile in complete snow gear a year ago – I could BARELY run a mile at all. If this had taken place only last March, I don’t think running for the exams would have even occurred to me! It simply would have been too far of a distance.

You see, I didn’t start running on a regular basis until the end of last February. I had just completed the exam that would determine whether I would get my Master’s degree or not (don’t worry I passed) and I just felt inspired to do something new. It also helped that it was something like 60 degrees and sunny that day. I ran a whole 1.5 miles at something like a 14 minute per mile pace – and I thought that was pretty good! Surely a huge improvement on my poor attempts at couch to 5k the previous summer (keep in mind when I tried it, I was so out of shape that I nearly passed out from the first circuit of Jillian Michael’s 30 day shred…).

This experience, while mortifying  has reminded me to look at the big picture of my progress, rather than day to day (for example, I often get frustrated if I have a bad running day and can’t seem to break a 10 minute per mile average pace). Little choices and changes can add up over time 🙂

I hope none of my readers are snowed in too badly. It looks like we got a lot of snow here, but my parking lot is plowed, so I’m hoping that means that if my lazy apartment maintenance people took the effort to take care of the snow, the city did as well.


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