I Don’t Understand Bones

So, I’ve never been thin enough in my life before, not even when I played soccer in high school, to be bony. Now, it’s like my bones stick out everywhere. And it’s really really really really really really annoying.

I can’t get comfortable sleeping at night because my knee bones rub together.

I can’t sit on hard surfaces too long because it hurts my butt.

Every time I bump into something, which is frequently, because I am clumsy, I hit a bone, making my bumps more painful. I once bruised my hip bone and thought I had a tumor or something for like 5 minutes when I pressed the spot that hurt and realized it was hard. Then I realized there was a bone there.

My final rant on this: every time I buy a new pair of jeans, I buy them weee little bit too small because they tend to stretch out after a couple wears. I mean, I can still button them and pull them on easily, but the size bigger would be easier to accomplish this with. I just know that bigger size would be falling down very soon, so I deal the first couple wears. When I was larger, this just meant putting up with my jeans giving me a mini muffin top. Now that I have hip bones, I have two problems. 1: All jeans now give me a “muffin top” – it isn’t a real one, it’s just that my hip bones stick out and look like one. 2: When my jeans are a little snug like this, I not only get a real mini-muffin top, my hip bones are also in pain all day from pressing against the slightly too tight fabric. This is just weird.

I guess I shouldn’t complain – my body seems to be happy and healthy here and I’d much rather have this problem than the numerous problems that overweight people face. But it’s just such a weird experience. It never occurred to me that this would be so problematic. And I have not yet learned how to deal with it. How do other thin people run around not being in constant pain?! I must learn your secrets.


Also if you would let me know how to not always be cold, secretive society of skinny people, that would be great. I’m currently wearing wool socks knee high boots and a sweater under a blazer and freezing.


2 thoughts on “I Don’t Understand Bones

  1. Froggie says:

    Ouch ouch, too small pants sounds pretty terrible. Idea: get a good belt and you can buy pants that fit right away. I have a weird tummy that varies in 1-2 sizes over my period cycle and the belt saves me.

    Being cold at home: wheat bag + sleeved blanket.
    Being cold away from home: a nice warm shawl over all the layers, you can wrap it around the neck or around your shoulders as fit.

    • Maybe I should clarify that I do this with skinny jeans only – all other pants are bought in a normal size! Skinny jeans would just look terrible otherwise once they stretch out. It only takes like 2 wears.

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