Foods on Fridays

I didn’t do quite as well this week as last nutrition-wise (calorie-wise I’m fine, though).

I only managed to get 100g of protein on Tuesday and Thursday. Part of this is that I was sick on Monday (though I managed to get 94g so I was close) and I went out to eat on Wednesday (though I ate sausage, and ate out twice yesterday, so I don’t know what the problem was). I only have about 20% of calories from protein this week. At least I’ve been practicing so that when I get back from spring break I can start eating appropriate foods for lifting! Whoo!

I didn’t eat anything too new or exciting or special this week. Greek yogurt and the banana oatmeal muffins for breakfasts, a light version of buffalo chicken dip for lunches (mostly sub low fat cheeses), and then generic things like chicken breast or tilapia with veggies and potatoes for dinners. Just my normal type foods.

I’m pretty excited for spring break. I leave today and get to see my husband for the first time in over a month. Hopefully I do pretty well with sticking to my new nutrition goals at home, since he’s pretty flexible!


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