Foods on Fridays

So I didn’t do so hot this week because of spring break.

I mean, my calories are ok and I didn’t gain any weight or anything, but I didn’t really focus too much on nutrition. My husband and I ate almost 3 boxes of Tagalongs this week! I also went through the experience of “oh, it’s ok to eat too much today” and then being physically in pain again. I really need to find some balance between letting myself indulge a little (within calorie limits) and not putting myself through the pain of overeating. There were a few highlights of this week, though:

  • Went out for yummy Thai food for our “date” night. I always love Asian restaurants because I tend to eat more reasonable portions (there are a lot more veggies and I can control how much rice/noodles are on my plate). I guess my only real Asian food I would binge on is sushi, but that is way too expensive for me to do so. I also happen to live in towns with amazing Asian food (I can hardly eat at generic Chinese buffets anymore) so I am spoiled with wonderful, filling, and not super high in calorie while low in nutrition places to eat. I think I’m going to start trying to learn to cook some simple dishes at home – I did it once with one of my friends and it turned out really well. And hopefully my husband will eventually put the how to make sushi book I got him to good use and make me some (but not so much that I binge on it!).
  • Was able to make green smoothies almost every morning! Mine usually consist of bananas, greek yogurt, almond milk, frozen fruit, and spinach. If you are curious about what to put in green smoothies, I found some really great tips by searching MyFitnessPal’s forums. Essentially, it boils down to hard fruit (like banana or mango), liquid (milk, water, variations on these), yogurt, protein (I use greek yogurt instead of the two separate things), soft fruit (like berries) and the final ingredient, greens. You can add any extras, like peanut butter or honey or cinnamon or whatever as well for taste. I’d like to “upgrade” to kale for my greens, but I’ve never tried it and it seems to intimidate people so I feel like I should be intimidated. I don’t have a blender out at school, but if I’m going to follow the New Rules of Lifting for Women I guess I’ll just have to force myself to use my food processor or buy a blender for that place (I feel like it makes a mess, but don’t want to replace it with a cheap blender because I’m used to having a semi-fancy one at home).
  • Ate pizza with nothing but veggies! This was a big one for me – I used to refuse to eat pizza without meat. It is a lot less caloric to load it up with veggies than 5 meats, though 😦  We had white pizza with broccoli and tomatoes, and it was good enough that I binged on it. While it is bad that I overate the pizza (the source of my pain) I think it is good that I was able to work on getting over my vegetable pizza block. I will still always have a special place in my heart for this, though.

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