I’m a Super Chicken :(

So today I went into the gym to do Stage 1 Workout B of NROLFW. I realized that barbells and a machine to do lateral pulldowns were not located in the “womens'” weightroom upstairs (I think I mentioned this before – it’s not actually labeled that or anything, but there were only women in this one and only men in the other). So I ventured into the big, real weightroom. I was terrified, though. Not necessarily of the dudes (although I would have been the ONLY woman lifting anything in the whole room – all of the other ladies were on cardio machines or doing crunches), but of realizing that I didn’t know some etiquette things. For example, is there a certain place I am supposed to stand while lifting? If I can’t yet deadlift the type of barbell you are supposed to use for that exercise, is it ok to use a different type of barbell that is lighter, or should I use dumbells? Where on earth is the squat rack, by the way, for when I need it later on? All of these things were confusing me and I just roamed around looking lost until a (I am sure he was well-meaning) guy asked me if I was looking for something. I said something like “oh it’s just my first time here so I’m confused” and then I left for the womens’ weightroom. I was able to use dumbells there to do my deadlifts and there was a machine that allowed me to do an exercise very similar to lateral pulldowns, so I guess it went ok. I just wish I wasn’t such a chicken. What will I do when I need to lift more than 50 pounds – that is the highest amount of weight in the tiny weightrom?

In good news, I felt more like today was a “real” workout. My legs actually hurt and it was not easy for me to complete my sets. I’ll just up my weight with workout A and see if the same happens. Also in good news – I just had half a cantaloupe with my lunch and I am wondering why I don’t eat cantaloupe more often. It is awesome. And you get to eat so much of it! I mean, seriously, half a cantaloupe is like 150 calories!


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