Foods on Fridays

Other than my calorie confusion, this has been an amazing week!

In general, I’ve just been eating well. Greek yogurt for breakfast. Crackers, cheese, beef sticks and veggies for snacks. Turkey, hummus, cheese and spinach sandwiches with fruits and veggies for lunch. Stirfry, pasta, or just lean meat+steamed veggie+ rice for dinner. Only tiny treats like half a cup of sugar free ice cream or a couple squares of the fudge I got for Easter when I went home. These healthy choices have just made me feel great! Let’s hope I can keep it up through the weekend, especially as I’m going to a party!

I’ve also been doing okay-ish with my macros. I’m shooting for 40/30/30, but I’m more like 45/25/30. That is a vast improvement, though, and the protein powder usage has really been helping me.

In other news, I finished week one of NROLFW today, and I must say workout A was more challenging this time around! I most definitely was feeling like doing any more reps or weight would be too much. Hopefully I can make some progress and stick with this program. I’m sad I didn’t have time to run outside, though – it’s chilly but it’s sunny and beautiful! I had to go to a march that my department was participating in and I barely finished showering in time after quickly sneaking in my three miles on the indoor track. And then I got even more activity because the march was like 2 miles long! I had no idea we would be walking so far! At least I’ll hopefully get to do my “long” run (4 miles this week) outside before it snows this weekend.

Oh, also – not sure if this is good or bad, but I discovered that there is a scale in my gym’s locker room. Fully clothed, I was 131, so I’m guessing that’s more like 129. That’s in my goal range (125-130), but I’m hoping part of that is residual gain from my bingey spring break and my monthly bloating. I’ll try to restrain myself from weighing myself everyday, but at least I’ll be able to see what happens as I change my calorie intake and such.


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