Sometimes I Hate Computers

So yesterday I woke up to this:

I don’t think I’m going to be running outside for a while! Too bad that snow doesn’t prevent me from posting, or I could use it as an excuse for my absence.

Actually, what happened is that I’ve been super busy. On Sunday, I went to a bridal shower out of town and then had to rush back before the snowapocalypse hit (I managed to get within 20 minutes of home before it turned into blizzardy conditions!). Then, yesterday, I was not supposed to be busy, but when I got home, my roommate invited me out for karaoke with some of her friends. But then, the karaoke place was closed. All was still well, though – we ended up going to a nearby restaurant where they got drinks and I got dessert (I was way too sleepy to drink). I had a piece of salted caramel cheesecake that happened to be gluten-free. Yum!

Speaking of food, yesterday I made a terrible mistake. Due to my busy schedule, I haven’t been to the grocery store in like over a week. I am therefore running low on my staple foods and ate a pretty crappy lunch. By the time I went to the gym to workout, I was STARVING. I decided to workout anyway because I would be eating dinner as soon as I got home. Of course, after lifting, I felt miserable, but I decided to run anyway. The whole time I just kept getting slower and slower and I almost tripped once. I should have stopped and just walked or eaten a granola bar from a vending machine or something, because even though I finished the workout, my head hurt soooo badly until I got home and ate and I was starving the rest of the night despite eating all of my calories. Just a reminder to myself that eating food as fuel needs to be taken quite seriously, I guess!

Now, on to the topic of today’s post: I hate computers. But only sometimes. Most of the time I am so happy that computers exist. If it wasn’t for the internet, for example, I never would have lost weight. Before it occurred to me that I could count calories and get support online, I seriously used to carry around a book with calorie counts in it and save them as notes in my phone everyday (also pre smart phones). No wonder I gave up!

But computers and I do not have a healthy relationship. My computers tend to die at least once a semester  usually before something crucial. Speaking of which, I should probably do a backup, as I haven’t done one since I got this new computer after my previous one finally died for the final time ONE DAY BEFORE CLASSES STARTED. I had to brave back to school traffic and shopping crowding to spend hours in Best Buy picking out an expensive product I had not researched at all because I had not been planning on getting one. Fun times.

With this particular computer, I seem to have trouble with the keyboard. I seem to bump buttons that do things to the computer that I don’t understand how to reverse. Like I somehow turn on sticky keys but then pressing shift repeatedly won’t fix it. Or, for some reason, there is a button or something I have not discovered yet, that always makes my web browser go “back,” and then I lose whatever I am typing. I think a lot of it has to do with my trackpad on this laptop being super sensitive so I like bump it with my wrist and accidentally click on things. So I am pressing buttons and clicking on things without knowing it and then all of the sudden Chrome has closed and I lost everything that I was typing. That is not what happened today, though.

Today, I was typing a post for here. A great post, too! It was going to be about the misperception that skinny people can somehow eat anything they want and stay skinny but fat people should really eat healthier if they want to be skinny (but then once they are skinny they can eat whatever they want again). However, I had to close my web browser for a moment (due to sticky keys being stuck on and I decided the best way to fix it might be to close everything and then try to turn sticky keys off), so I saved the post as a draft. I must not have clicked it properly, though, because when I came back, the post, which had been about 25% complete, had 2 sentences! Eek! I lost all my steam on the topic and decided to rant about how I am in my early 20s and apparently don’t understand technology instead. I’ll probably write about it later this week, though, because it is something that really bothers me.

At least I didn’t spill a whole cup of coffee on my computer the Friday before finals week this time. Yet. Finals week isn’t for a few weeks, I don’t want to curse myself :/


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