The good news: Easter was yesterday, and I managed to not go buy a whole pack of Reese’s peanut butter eggs and eat them. I don’t know how much of an accomplishment that was, though, as pretty much every store was closed and I actually already ate a ton of Easter candy over spring break.

The meh news: My food intake was a little messed up this weekend – Captain Morgan informed me that I should eat a bunch of chicken mcnuggets and then yesterday, after waking up, running 5 miles, and eating nothing but yogurt all day, I told myself it was ok to eat half of a large pizza. In both cases, the caloric damage was not THAT bad, but I felt super full and miserable afterwards. My poor stomach probably hates weekends, as all of my leftover calories typically get devoured in the form of foods that cause it to be ultra full and bloat up. Sorry, stomach. I’m sure you would have preferred the peanut butter eggs. I might buy ONE today when I’m out and about.

The bad news: now I think I’m getting sick. Hopefully it is just allergies. I noticed yesterday that my throat felt dry and scratchy – I thought it was just from not hydrating enough, as I had been drinking the night before and then had my long run. But nope, it’s most definitely some sort of sore throat. I think I’ll run out and get some allergy meds, throat cough drop things, and throat coating tea and pretend I’m not sick. I don’t have time for this crap, I have lectures to give, tests to take, and 16 miles to run this week!


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