Foods on Fridays

This week was a little weird. It started out when I had a super craving for ham and pineapple pizza on Sunday and I hadn’t eaten anything except some greek yogurt and had run 5 miles, so I decided it wouldn’t hurt to eat nearly half of a large pizza. Oops.

I’m fairly certain that by now I sound like a broken record. Every week, I have at least one day where I have the calories for some sort of ridiculous eating spree so I let myself do it and then feel sick and miserable afterwards.

The good news is that after getting over that, I had pizza to eat as leftovers all week. albeit in more reasonable amounts. And then, the day that I finally finished it, my roommate got “stuck” bringing home a bunch of pizza from work. She sent me a text apologizing for it, and I told her that you never apologize for pizza.

So yeah, I ate pizza most of the week. It was in reasonable serving sizes other than my weekly adventure into “why did I do this to myself” land and I was able to do better with my calories this week than the last few, so far.

My only other hang up this week has been that I’m really tempted to eat a lot of candy for my small snacks rather than things like cheese, meat, crackers, and veggies because I have a lot of it around the house. Again, this is why buying fun sized candy is important. For example, I feel like I ate WAY too much candy yesterday, but in reality I had two mini peanut butter eggs and 6 Hershey kisses. In retrospect, the choice does not seem as bad. But if I’d had around larger servings of candy, I probably would have eaten that.

Now, to be fair, yesterday I did TRY to eat something really bad for me. I had a “huge” statistics exam yesterday. I’m not sure how stat-savvy my readers are, but this guy made it seem like our exam would be super difficult. And last time, it was. I’m a really good straight A student normally and I got one of the worst grades in the class. So this time, I spent HOURS studying everyday. But this was not the only reason the exam seemed easy when I got there. This guy gave us practice problems that necessitated doing things like taking integrals of integrals (and having to do parts both times!)…and the exam had us calculating confidence intervals. If you don’t get stats, I suppose that a better analogy would be to imagine that after training for the half marathon that I have coming up in June, I showed up at the race to find out that instead of having a half marathon, we were going to have a 5k fun run and everyone who finished would get a prize or something like that. I’m still fairly certain that I repressed the actual memory of taking the test and replaced it with this memory or that the professor gave out the wrong exam or something.

Back to how this relates to food. Anyway, I was thinking before the exam “Hey, it won’t be so bad, after you are done all you have to do is go lecture to your class on one of your favorite books and then you can go home and have some pizza and beer and relax!” Well, I didn’t get pizza and beer. Instead, one of my friends suggested we go to a local drive-in (like Sonic). I decided that instead of the pizza, I would have a chili-cheese burger. I love chili and cheese, but normally get it on hot dogs, so I had not experienced the burger at this place before. And I hope I never experience it again! Imagine the cheeseburger that McDonald’s puts in a happy meal, only even more smooshed and overcooked, with no toppings other than 1 slice of cheese and about a tablespoon of chili. I’ll never “splurge” on that again! At least my “root beer float” (diet root beer with like 1 scoop of ice cream) tasted pretty good!

In good food news, I am heading out to the “big” city (lol Indianapolis) this weekend with some friends to go to Ulta, because my town is too small for such wonders, and we are also going to stop in at Trader Joe’s…because I’ve never been to one! I mean, I’ve been to other “fancy” grocery stores like Wegman’s before, but there just seems to be some sort of unique novelty in going to Trader Joe’s so I have to go at least once. I’ll try to stock up on some new healthy treats while I’m there!


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