Shopping Trip!

So yesterday I went down to Indianapolis with a couple of my friends. We needed (yes, it is a necessity) to go to Ulta and some sort of shoe store, and our one friend who was going suggested that while we were there that we go to Trader Joe’s. As I mentioned, I’d never been there before, so I was pretty excited to try out some of the things I’ve heard good reviews of!

Here is my Trader Joe’s haul:

As you can see, I kept it mostly healthy. I knew I wanted to try the peanut butter granola barss, the cookie butter, and the wine (yeah, it’s the $3 one) as I’ve seen great reviews of all these things. My friend suggested the chipolte salsa, and they had samples of the lentils and they were only like $2 and tasted amazing. The nuts and trail mix don’t seem to be anything special, but they were SUPER cheap. That whole bag of almonds was like $5 – they cost more than that at places like Aldi here! Oh, and the PB&J bar was an impulse buy. I love peanut butter and jelly so I couldn’t resist! I had some greek yogurt with cookie butter and slivered almonds for breakfast, and it was in fact pretty tasty.

I also went shopping for non-food items – the whole point of the trip was to go to a makeup store! I ended up getting a few things at Ulta/Sephora:

Wow, my cell phone has terrible camera quality. I got some new headbands for running (I have those weird side bangs that are too short to pull back but long enough to hang in my eyes, a pack of SIX Urban Decay 24/7 liners for barely more than the 2 Ulta brand liners I was going to originally buy (ok maybe they were twice the price but they will be sooooo much nicer), and plum colored mascara. I’m not very adventurous with my makeup normally, butI am excited to try out these colors! My only complaints: there are not enough brown mascaras in the world (my friend was looking specifically for brown and we only found drugstore brands in Ulta and like one higher end brand in Sephora) and the things I like are never in stock. I’ve been wanting to try out the Clinique chubby sticks (if you don’t know, they are a lip color), but every time I go to a makeup store they don’t carry Clinique or are out of stock in every color I like. I had that problem with shoes today, too – I am looking for a pair of casual sneakers but everything is super ugly or doesn’t come in my size. Maybe I’m just too picky?

After shopping, we went to eat at Red Robin. This was exciting because we don’t have one at home, and I love Red Robin (that SALT), but slightly less exciting because this week has been burger overload. After my horrifying burger experience on Thursday, I decided that when I went out to eat at a local place that I know for a fact makes good burgers, that I would get an actual awesome burger…so eating at Red Robin would mean three days of burgers in a row, after like months of not eating burgers! Fun story about the Red Robin experience: I ordered my burger with a lettuce “bun” and without mayo so that I would have the calories available for a second order of the fries. When I asked for the lettuce bun, the server double checked with me to make sure I still wanted fries. Then, when she came back and asked if we wanted more fries, she brought a second order for everyone except me! I had to ask, and she reluctantly brought some. I know she probably was just trying not to push extra food on the person who appears to be trying to be healthy, but I really really do not like it when people make assumptions about stuff like that without checking with me.

One other nice thing that happened yesterday: one of the friends who went with us also recently completed his first half marathon, and it was nice to talk to an actual real life person about running. I’ve always been too nervous because when I was growing up all of my runner friends were people who had started running because their parents ran when they were like 5 years old, so I felt really intimidated by everyone I knew who was a “real” runner and figured that they would just laugh at all my questions and concerns because I’m such a noob. Neither of the people I have recently talked to in real life about running have done this,though – both have been extremely helpful and in particular helped me to understand that the feelings that I have (such as being nervous about doing my first race) are completely normal. Talking to runners in real life is also nice because they are full of advice. For example, my friend yesterday reminded me that if I paid slightly more attention to what my daily calories are made up of (rather than just the number of calories itself) it would really pay off in my running performance. It really made me reflect on my habits and realize that I’ve been relying pretty much solely on noob gainz for improvements, and that I’m probably not reaching my full potential. I’m not going to go on a complete clean eating diet, but I am going to try harder to reorient myself to where I was a couple weeks ago, when I made grand statements about making sure I ate healthy food to fuel my workouts and build muscle!

Now off to the gym for some cross training – I’m going to try to figure out those stationary bike thingys!


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