New Running Shoes!

So, today is a bit of a stormy day, and if you’ve noticed a pattern on here, I’m pretty much scared of everything, and that includes thunderstorms. So I’ve been trying to make sure that I am busy all day so that I am distracted, which typically helps. The problem: Wednesday is my like least busy day. I don’t have anything except class at 7pm…and that class is being held at a restaurant tonight, so I don’t even have the comfort of the tomb like classroom it is typically held in to look forward to!

So I decided that after my workout, (which went great by the way, squatted 65 pounds (lol) and ran 4 miles at race pace (8:45 min/mile)), I would finally go to the running store and pick up some new running shoes. Mine were about a year old and had started hurting my knee/arch so I knew it was time, but I had been putting it off. I didn’t know if as I had improved as a runner if I had changed as a runner – not that I thought that better runners needed less supportive shoes or anything, I just thought maybe my issues were caused by me being a noob or something. Therefore, I was having trouble deciding whether I should just order my old shoes  online cheaply or go into a running store and get re-evaluated. My procrastination decided for me: almost everywhere sold out of the old version in my size, and I’d rather give a local store than a website the business if I’m buying full price anyway.

My trip to the running store went quite well! The woman who helped me apparently wears the same shoes, but alternates them with Mizuno Wave Inspires. So she brought out those and the Brooks Adrenaline 13s for me to try. She was hesitant to have me change shoes since my pain came only from them wearing out, but thought that if I wanted a change, the Mizunos would be a good option. I had been considering asking if I could try them anyway because everytime I do one of those online analysis things they are the shoe recommended to me. So I ran around outside a bit in both (and got chased by a duck) and assessed the pros and cons. The Brooks shoes felt a little more natural (probably because I am used to them), but I really liked that the Mizunos had more room in the toe box and had a firmer heel, which seemed to “spring” me forward easier. She said she had about the same assessment, which is why she enjoys running in both. I decided to go with the Mizunos because I liked those differences and also because they are WAY cuter. If they end up hurting, I have 30 days to exchange them anyway.

Goodbye, first pair of running shoes. You will be missed.

At least I didn’t subject you all to my breakup letter with my old shoes, which I did to my Facebook friends.


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