Rest Day Reflections

I’ve found that I have trouble coming up with things to write about on rest days. So I’m trying something new today (perhaps because I am supposed to be taking a take home final and procrastinating), we’ll see if I like it. Basically, I’ll just reflect on random things that don’t seem to fit well within a different post but don’t really warrant a post of their own. But not food. Food is for Fridays

  1. Don’t buy brand new running shoes the day before a rest day. You will desperately want to run in them. You will keep telling yourself that you could just go run like, a mile, in them or something, it wouldn’t hurt. But then you will feel the squats you did yesterday and realize it is pouring rain and you don’t want to get your brand new beautiful shoes wet yet and just wear them around the house like a dork.
  2. Speaking of the shoes, non-scale victory (NSV) I forgot to mention: when I was at the running store, I must have seemed less inexperienced than I am, because the employee who helped me automatically assumed I was training for a half-marathon. To be fair to her, I think there is a local-ish one coming up soon, and she wanted to make sure I wasn’t running in it before I got new shoes (too soon for me to adjust). But just the fact that I appeared runner-y (yes I am going to pretend that is a word) enough for her to jump to this conclusion meant a lot.
  3. I’ve become a lot less afraid of tornadoes. When I first moved to the midwest, I was terrified of them. I still find them quite unpleasant, but this was to the point that if there were tornado watches like two states away I wouldn’t be able to sleep. I’d eye dark clouds, wondering if it was possible that the National Weather Service simply forgot to issue us a tornado watch. This being triggered by moving here was quite silly – where I am from gets tornados just as frequently! This year, however, I’ve been able to actually go to sleep both times there has been a (small) threat of severe weather. Ironically, I got to test how far I’ve really come last night, when, after deciding “there wasn’t that much of a chance of a tornado,” the sirens woke me up at 1:30 AM. My roommate, her doggie and I just went and chilled in the most interior room for a few minutes until the warning was gone and then I went back to bed. One of my biggest fears was that the siren wouldn’t wake me up, so I guess it’s nice to know it will? The fact that I was remotely calm at all was impressive to me!
  4. One of my friends got a waterbottle with a filter in it and I want to buy one because the water at my university tastes like crap but I JUST bought a brand new one and feel like the expense isn’t justified (they are both Camelbaks, so pricey), plus what would I do with my perfectly good water bottle? Also, I need to buy a smaller water bottle with a handstrap or see if they make a strap to fit the tiny one I already have because I need to carry water on long runs, and my .75 liter bottle is like 10x the size of my hand and there is no way I can carry that thing.




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