Another Race!

The training program I am using to train for my half-marathon recommends running a 5K and a 10K race during it (for purposes of getting used to racing). I had already done a 5K, but I still needed to find a 10K. I haven’t found one yet, but I did find another 5K, which I had to sign up for because it made itself super convenient:

  • It is within walking distance of my house
  • It is on the day that a 5K race was actually scheduled for my training

Instead of being nervous this time, I’m super excited! I don’t think I’ll reach my next 5K goal at this race (<25 minutes) , because I haven’t really made that much running progress in just a month, but I’m hoping to at least beat my previous time and enjoy myself rather than be worried the whole time! Now, just to find a 10K…

Other than signing up for races, I am being super unproductive today. The end of the semester is weird for me. I am usually really busy and have a lot of work, but it is in concentrated spurts. So I’ll have a lot of meetings/events and a few large assignments/exams, but then I have days like this where I don’t have much to do. I’m mostly just waiting for my one professor to put up our final assignment on the class website. I have a couple papers I could be working on, but I literally have all day to do that so I am pretending that starting before lunch would be silly (even though it wouldn’t really be because I am sure I won’t get that much done on them after my workout this afternoon).

In weird news, I realized I somehow messed up my lifting schedule. I should have started workout 7 on Monday but instead I started workout 5. I think I got confused at the beginning and repeated workouts 1 and 2. Oh well, I’ll just skip the weird special workouts at the end and extend the stage one week. This will be super convenient as it will mean that finals week and the end of the stage coincide. I am supposed to then take a one week break from lifting, and I will, because I will be home in PA!! I’m super excited about going back to PA, though I’m not sure what I am going to do about lifting this summer. I would love to continue doing it, but I’m going to be traveling a lot and I’d have to find a gym where I could just sign up for like 2 months, which seems sort of silly. I might just go back to doing bodyweight exercises and jump back into lifting when I come back in the fall. Another possibility is to examine the weightlifting equipment my dad has in his basement. He used to lift all the time but doesn’t anymore and has offered it to me previously. I have a basement in PA, so it’s not like I wouldn’t have room for it. I think the main issue would be that  I wouldn’t have a squat rack, etc (he “just” has a bench, a barbell, plates, and dumbells, I think).


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