Rest Day Reflections

Time for another set of rest day reflections/random things I wanted to talk about:

  • This just has not been a good week – first the bombings in Boston and now this explosion in Texas. I don’t know if I’m paying more attention now or if the world has just been experiencing a lot of tragedies lately. I’m sure it is probably the first thing – it’s not like I paid much attention to the news when I was younger, but that just makes me more sad, because it means the world is always as unpleasant as it is right now. 
  • I am not too thrilled that today is a rest day. Exercising really helps with my anxiety, and we are potentially having severe weather today, but not having a workout means I do not have that as a distraction. I’m trying to work on my final papers instead. It’s going ok. At least they have canceled our tornado watch.
  • Have I mentioned I hate spring? In the 70s, with potential tornados today, but it’s freezing in my building so I have to wear warm clothes, and tomorrow it will be in the 40s. I also hate summer and winter. Basically, I need to live somewhere that is 70 and partly sunny all the time. Except then I’d probably get a sunburn…
  • Getting pizza tonight! We are trying out some new place that I have heard nothing but great reviews of, so I’m pretty excited. I’m hoping that I will be able to contain myself. I do TERRIBLY around pizza. However, one of my goals this week (which I was going to talk about tomorrow, when I was originally going to go to the pizza place) is to try to eat reasonable amounts, even when I know I can eat a lot. For example, I could eat a ton of pizza tonight then just eat less tomorrow after my workout to make up for it. I know, however, that doing this often makes me feel sick from being so full and is not really a balanced and healthy approach to food. I’m having pizza Sunday at a party, too. I just have to remember that if I don’t get to eat all of the pizza I ever wanted, it will still be there tomorrow. Strangely, I do REALLY well with controlling myself in the face of leftover pizza. No idea why fresh and leftover differ.



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