Foods on Fridays

I have done really well with staying in my calorie range this week. Even last night with the pizza – my wonderful and awesome BFF/roomie shared the small pizza with me, so it was basically impossible to over eat! Now, on towards a successful weekend!

In terms of new foods, I bought some shrimp this week and have been making a lot of pasta dishes with shrimp in it. I pretty much rotate between turkey sausage, chicken breast, and tilapia for meat so this has been a nice change of pace. I also plan on trying out a new recipe tomorrow: Greek Yogurt Pancakes. I saw this recipe recommended on another blog that I read, so I thought I’d give it a shot. I’ll let you know how it goes.

My workout today went…ok. I’m not making much progress on my squat compared to other exercises, but I am improving my form and feeling more comfortable, so hopefully that will help. I decided to run on the treadmill because it is incredibly windy here and doing this weird mix of snow/ice pellets and I was already feeling pretty miserable. I’ve been reading coverage on what is going on in Boston basically since I woke up. So I also ran on the treadmill so that I could make sure to watch the news, but obviously there have not been any developments.

On a lighter note: at the gym, I finally managed to see another confused woman who was just as girly and out of place as me (I promise I am not making fun of you fellow gym girl, I am telling you I feel a sense of camraderie). The other day, I felt out of place when I accidentally wore an entirely bright pink outfit to the gym: running tights, shorts, t-shirt, heck even my bra and headband were bright pink. Then this lady shows up not only wearing bright pink but also a flower in her hair! I am not alone!


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