Physical Obstacles

Before I write anything else. Those pancakes. The ones I linked to yesterday. Go make them now.  I don’t care that it’s mid-afternoon. You seriously need to eat them. I made them for breakfast this morning and topped them with honey, butter, and cinnamon and they were super filling and amazing (and only about 100 calories per pancake)! They were the perfect fuel for my 8 mile run. I thought about taking a picture, but they didn’t look as appetizing as they were, so I was afraid I wouldn’t do them justice.

Unfortunately for my 8 mile run, it is spring, and my planned route decided to flood. I ran about halfway out and encountered ducks swimming on the bike path (I thought about stopping to take a picture, but I didn’t want to take off my gloves and dig out my phone – it was only about 30 degrees!). I should have expected this – I used to live in the apartments next to where it was flooded and had witnessed this flooding in the past (and we are having way worse flooding this year).

What it made me think of is how so many times in the past, I’ve really let physical (as well as mental) obstacles get in my way. Today I simply turned around and formulated a new route – I never even considered cutting it short (to be fair, it helped that I was super far from home anyway, but even if I hadn’t been, I wouldn’t have cut the run short).

Just 6 weeks ago, I didn’t want to start lifting because I didn’t understand how gyms work. Now, while I am still unsure of how I feel about lifting (I’m not making much aesthetic progress and I think the DOMS hinders my running), I am at least not nervous because I don’t know how to use a power rack (and I’m certainly not afraid to do it in a hot pink outfit). The same progress has occurred with racing – I’ve gone from “I can’t do a race because I don’t understand how they work” to “sign up for ALL the races!” Overall, overcoming these obstacles has really built a lot of confidence in me to try new things – if I can go lift in front of the gym bros, I can probably do a lot of other things, too. So, even if it turns out that lifting is not for me, I will appreciate what it has taught me.

Though this is not a physical obstacle, I’ve also become much more confident about talking about fitness in everyday life. I used to be scared to do so because I was so inexperienced. Now, I find myself more freely discussing my lifting routines, nutrition, and weekly mileage. I’m still a little awkward about it and I’m sure I sound like a noob, but I’m getting better.

Not all physical obstacles can be overcome through mere confidence, however. I’ve also been noticing, as I mentioned before, that my IT band seems to be acting up. Today after my run it was hurting super badly (though not really much during my run). I’m very glad tomorrow is a “rest” day (cross-training, but I’ll rest the IT band), and I think I’m going to switch my days so that I rest on Monday and work out on Tuesday next week. I don’t like to do that because I don’t have class on Monday but I do on Tuesday, but I really don’t want to injure this poor leg long term, and one day of rest doesn’t seem to be cutting it for the poor thing. I’ve also been stretching it and I’m thinking about looking up some stuff to do with the foam roller tomorrow at the gym.

Also, amusing physical obstacles: #skinnypersonproblems (Is there already a term for this that I should be using instead? You know, the way there is #firstworldproblems?). I can’t seem to find a hydration pack in this town that isn’t a) like $50 or b) too big for me. They are either “one size” which does not go down to a 26″ waist or they are handheld things and I have little baby hands (to be fair, I also had baby hands when I was overweight). Today, I carried a 10 oz water bottle from Target because it is my smallest water bottle and my hands were killing me from gripping it, even though I kept switching back and forth. I guess I’ll just keep hunting until I find a cheap one for skinny people, oh well. I’m also worried this problem will come up when I start looking for GPS watches – I know that when I thought about ordering a road ID I realized that I would have to order a child sized one. Do they even make child sized GPS watches?!

Another (tiny) physical obstacle: I need to get a better camera so that I can take more and better pics to post on this blog, which I think my comments about picture taking throughout this post make somewhat apparent!


4 thoughts on “Physical Obstacles

    • Oh, it just hurts when I try to go up and down the stairs. And it usually only lasts a couple hours (like it feels fine now) – it is just that if I don’t rest it the pain will just keep coming back and back and back (but it is easy to ignore resting it because it goes away). But thanks 🙂

  1. Isabelle Saint-Pierre says:

    Sadly those pancakes have dairy in them, so I’ll have to pass. Now, as for some of the other things in your post. Hydration backpacks are expensive and generally only come in one size. Yes, it’s hard finding sporting equipment to fit smaller frames, so don’t know what to tell you there. One option, which is what I did for my hydration backpack, is to have some custom sewing work done to make the straps smaller so they fit.

    As for GPS watches, the smallest one on the market I know of is the Garmin Forerunner 10; if you have tiny wrists it’s still looks way too big. Since most people only wear them while they are running, the size isn’t usually seen as a big factor. Wear it for the run and then take it off till the next run. Part of the problem is that as the watches get smaller, so does the antennas used to pickup the satellite signals so there is only so small they can make them and still have them function well.

    Another #skinnypersonproblems I’ve run into is having the front passenger seat sensors think a child was sitting in the seat, or worse yet, that the seat was empty and turn off the airbags altogether. We had to have the cars computer reprogrammed to lower the weight levels so it realizes I’m sitting in the seat :p

    • Oh my goodness that last one!

      And here I was thinking that the Forerunner 10 might actually be small enough since they make a “women’s” version. Though you make a good point about it technologically. And I’ll look into altering a pack – I’m pretty good with a sewing machine, don’t know why I didn’t think of it myself, thanks!

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