The Joys of Foam Rolling and the Stationary Bike

My title is meant to be sarcastic.

As I mentioned before, my IT band is acting up (probably because I’ve done a bunch of hills all of the sudden), so I’m trying to give the poor thing some time off. Unfortunately, this means I am pretty much relegated to the stationary bike in the basement of the gym. I hate working out inside because it’s boring. At least on the treadmill I am terrified of falling the whole time which distracts me from getting too bored. On the bike, I feel like I’m just sitting there, making my legs hurt for some strange reason. I would say “at least there is a TV,” but the TV is really small, which makes it difficult to read the closed captioning. This makes me ALMOST wish I owned a bicycle to take outside, but I know I’d be too scared to ride it out there anyway – what if I got hit by a car!?!

This fear probably stems from growing up in a rural area and having slightly overprotective parents – there were few places it was possible to bike to, and even if I was biking, my parents’ rules were really silly – like make sure I am in sight of the porch at ALL TIMES and if there is a car get off the road and wait for it to pass. Then, once when I was an adult (but really out of shape, which is probably why this happened), my husband and I dug out my old bike and tried to go for a ride in the woods. I’m not kidding when I say I probably almost died! I think I rode like one mile and then pushed the bike back, crying and having to stop because it was too difficult to push the bike. This was maybe 3-4 years ago and I have not been on a real bicycle since. I wonder why? My husband, on the other hand, loves biking – he used to bike to work every day and even once did it like 2 weeks after a surgery – it is running he hates! Logically, I know that I just had such a bad experience because I was out of shape and that the cars PROBABLY won’t all hit me if I’m careful, especially as I run on those roads without getting hit by cars and can comfortably maintain a reasonable-ish pace of 15 mph on the stationary bike. I think that a major goal for me this summer will be to drag my bike out of my parents’ garage (if it even works anymore, I might have to craigslist one) and try taking short little rides on the bike path in the city where there are no cars and I’ll have Kris there to hold my hand (not literally, I don’t have good enough balance for that).

Foam rolling is also unpleasant. It hurts a lot, and I’m having trouble determining whether it is hurting in the right way. Like, yesterday, it almost felt like I was hurting my femur, rather than my muscle and connective tissues. Today, it seemed more proper. But then my leg hurt more afterwards (for like 5 minutes, it actually feels a lot better now). I have seen a lot of people complain about foam rolling, but I didn’t realize it would be this bad. It’s incredibly painful, to the point that I look like a total dork and people are probably like “wtf is that chic doing over there making those anguished faces” (though I’ve gotten over caring about this). Also, I didn’t realize that it would hurt such random parts of my leg. Like, it hurts the most when I’m rolling over the most painful part of the IT band (right at the top of the side of my knee), but also in strange places, like halfway up my thigh. I know this is because my IT band stretches all the way up to my hip, so it is probably tight in other places, too, but it is still strange to suddenly experience pain where I had none before. Even though my knee feels a lot better and I watched a ton of youtube videos, I’m still fairly certain I must be doing something wrong. This is just too weird and unpleasant.

A Non-Scale Victory: I DEADLIFTED 100 LBS!!! I know that isn’t that much, and it was only 5 reps, but getting up to triple digits was super exciting to me. Now just to suffer through a rest day tomorrow and hopefully my poor leg will recover for a nice easy 3 mile run on Wednesday. Also, I’m curious to see my squat on Wednesday after 3 whole days without running – I’ve been stuck at 65 lbs (lol) and I bet it’s because my legs never get a chance to rest. Oh, and another one: yesterday, there was a party, with pizza, and I only went over 100 calories!!!! Whoooooo!!!!

Scale Victory: I lost all the water weight from my double-Burger-Red Lobster weekend.


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