Foods on Fridays

This week has been the week of potlucks (or at least bring food to this type events):

Over the weekend, a friend had a small get together where she provided food, but I still wanted to bring something to contribute, so I brought a fruit salad. I just finished eating the leftovers from that! Pretty big success in eating, there (this was the day where I had pizza and only went over by 100 calories – actually, I had reasonable amounts of pizza a total of 3 times this week)!

Then, we had a end of the semester potluck for one of my classes last night. I made pasta salad. Pasta salad has sort of become my “speciality,” which is weird to me because in my family, it is my aunt’s recipe, and I stole it from her and altered it. Actually, I would say the only 2 things that our recipes still have in common is that they contain pasta and the “secret” ingredient: McCormick’s Salad Supreme Seasoning. She makes her with penne, homemade italian dressing, tomatoes, cucumbers, parmesan cheese, and the seasoning; my mom does it the same, but substitutes chunks of cheddar for the parmesan and adds mini pepperonis; I’m still experimenting, and currently have a concoction of tri-color veggie rotini, zucchini, tomatoes, broccoli, carrots, roasted red pepper italian dressing, the seasoning, and italian blend cheese (I love the addition of pepperoni but know too many vegetarians to put it in usually). Perhaps the reason it is so great is that it is so versatile and customizable? I did okay-ish with eating at this event. I’m still under my calories for the week but I know I ate too much dessert in proportion to “real” food (a teeny slice of cheesecake, about 5 cookies, and two tiny spoonfuls of ice cream). To be fair, I think like 3 people brought real food to this event and everyone else brought dessert. And 2 of those 5 cookies were eaten later at my house, as my roommate had made Star Trek sugar cookies and I just had to eat a chocolate frosted Enterprise with rainbow sprinkles to retain my tiny sliver of nerd cred.

On Saturday, I have an end of the semester potluck for the whole department. I was going to make Mexican Shrimp Cobb Salad from Skinnytaste (I LOVE her recipes) but I still have like 90% of a pan of pasta salad left so I think I’ll just take it instead. Too bad – I was excited about all that avocado! I did well at this event last year – the thing with a big potluck like this is that it would literally be impossible to try everything, so I do a bit better at just eating what I want most. At smaller potlucks, it is easy to convince myself that I can try at least 1 tiny portion of everything that is there, so then I end up overeating because I go back for what I really wanted most. Like last night, I should have just eaten a ton of popcorn and ignored the pita chips because I kept going back for popcorn (I love pita chips, but I can buy them myself any time – I can’t have homemade popcorn any time). 

I have a race tomorrow, so I switched my running away from today and I’m doing upper body lifts today. I think I’ll just try to take the dog for a super long walk to keep my legs loosened up. I’m really really hoping to break 25 minutes tomorrow. Yesterday, on my 4 mile run (shifted to Thursday because of injury/race messing everything up), I ran 3.03 miles in 25 minutes, and that was with a MAJOR slowdown during mile 3 because I had a side cramp. Before that, I had run 2 sub-8 minute miles and then after that I was able to return to a reasonable like 8 minutes and a few seconds pace – but mile 3 was really slow. I think I would have been able to push through the cramp and keep up the pace, though, if I knew I only had 3/4 miles left instead of 1 3/4! I’ll still be happy with getting through the experience of participating in a race, though, even if I do not break the 25 minute mark (they are even using chip timing, if I recall correctly). At least I will know to dress a little warmer – it looks like the forecast is very similar to my last race. I think I’ll wear my orange and purple running tights (pictures of these ridiculously awesome pants will be posted)! Perhaps I’ll be super ridiculous and wear my highlighter yellow shirt, too (I must admit I actually own 2 of these…). I’m still debating whether I should walk or drive – the race is less than a mile from my house, so walking there would be a great warmup, but if I don’t have my car, what will I do with my bag? Ugh, I’ll come to some conclusion in the morning.


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