People Cannot Sidewalk

Today, I almost ran into multiple people while running on campus.

Each time, I was not on one of the skinny little sidewalks, but one of the ones that can easily accomodate 4 people wide.

Now, I know that I have just as much of a responsibility to move out of the way as the other party – but these were not instances where doing so for me was possible. In each case, a large group of people was taking up the entire space. I moved as far as I could to the edge of the sidewalk, expecting at least one of them to inch over slightly, but not one of them did. Each time, I even said “excuse me!” in case they did not hear me loudly running around, but none of them moved. In fact, the only one who moved walked into my path. I once had to actually jump out of the way!!

What on earth people – learn some basic sidewalk skills!!!



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