Finals Week Fiasco

Apologies for the lack of posting. I had a great post planned for Foods on Fridays, but now it’s going to have to wait for this week.

You see, I had thought that I was going to be fine during finals week…but I wasn’t. I only had to take and give one final, which sounded easy to me (I’d had a couple of papers but they were due/finished before finals week). After I completed those exams, I was going to head home to visit family and my husband for a few days before heading back to the school for summer teaching. The problem: I ended up having to finish grading all of the exams for the course that I am a TA for in a day and a half so that I could meet with the professor before I left to go home (I didn’t realize he would want to have a meeting). So I graded 80 essay tests in under 48 hours. Then, I had to wait for him to meet with me at lunchtime on Friday before I could even start my 8 hour drive home. So that I could finish grading the exams on Thursday, I did not work out or post anything on here Thursday – I figured I could do those things Friday before my meeting with him. But then, I got invited to brunch with some lovely ladies on Friday morning, and that ate up my morning (but was totes worth it – I mean, it was brunch at Cracker Barrel!!), so I didn’t have time do anything other than my quick three mile run. Because of this, my Foods on Friday post got neglected, and I actually ended up skipping the very last workout of NROL4W. Because I messed up my order of the workouts, I think it would have been an “extra” workout anyway, and I’m going to keep lifting as soon as I get back to the school where there is a gym, so I don’t feel TOO bad about it.  Still, I feel sort of silly for managing to skip zero workouts all semester until the very last one. At least I had one small victory, despite my incredibly busy travel weekend: I managed to do a long run while visiting my family, while normally sneaking in any kind of workout is almost impossible. I just snuck out the door before they could stop me, basically.

Now that I’m not in the middle of finals week, I should be back to regular posting. Hopefully I’ll have some fun stories from my mini-trip home!


2 thoughts on “Finals Week Fiasco

    • Oh man, me too. I couldn’t use the treadmill, though – it is stuck in an inclined position and I was NOT about to run 9 miles uphill (though there were several hills in the lovely mountainous land of western PA).

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