Moment of Inspiration

Just a small second post – I had an inspiring moment this morning, and I had to share. 

I went out for my run and started out behind an older man who had clearly been running for awhile already – it was only 50 degrees out and he was soaked with sweat. I passed him about a half a mile in and we exchanged good mornings. When I turned around, he had just turned around, too (about 1 block behind me), so I ended up passing him again. This second time, he called out “Nice pace!” at me. I’m used to only polite good mornings or obnoxious cat calls, so I must say he caught me by surprise, and I only managed to respond “ummm…thanks…” What I really should have said was “You, too!” Because it’s true – any pace is a nice pace – especially if you are twice my age and on a longer run than me (I saw that he was still going when I was on my cool down walk)!  I know this specific man will probably never see this, but I wanted to put a tiny message out to runners everywhere that we should all remember to inspire and encourage each other, whether we are fast or slow, old or young, men or women. I was inspired to run negative splits today, and it is all because a fellow runner chose to encourage me rather than just give a bland hello 🙂


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