Day Off

Yesterday I had something I haven’t had in a long, long time: a real day off. I just didn’t do any work at all. It was great!

I started off the morning by making pancakes and bacon for myself and my husband. Normally, when I’m at home I make fruit smoothies because we have a good blender here and I school I do not have a blender at all (I should probably just go out and buy a cheap one because I whine about it all the time and our food processor that I use in lieu of one has all sorts of problems). I never make myself “real” pancakes (I mean I’ve been on a greek yogurt pancake kick, but those are different) and I most certainly never buy bacon for breakfast at school (too lazy) so I felt like it would be a nice change of pace. It was, too – those greek yogurt pancakes are good, but real pancakes are soooooooooooooo good! I followed this with my workout: a 3 mile run and some bodyweight exercises as I’m away from the weights this week (I’m supposed to be on a one week break from them anyway, according to the rules of NROL4W).

After that, I decided to go shopping. I have almost no summer clothes as I went into last summer about 20 lbs heavier than I am now, so I needed some basics. I also need to continue to bulk up my teaching wardrobe so that I have something to wear this summer! I’ve been looking for this stuff for awhile, but I’m super picky. For example, I wanted 5″ non-denim shorts so that I can hide my loose skin on my thighs without wearing super unflattering bermudas. Old Navy had shorts with those characteristics, but they just seemed to fit me weirdly, so I was putting off purchasing them. Luckily, I found some at J.Crew! No pictures of those, yet, but I’m sure you’ll see them in photos of me this summer. And I can provide you an example of why it was I wanted non-denim non-bermuda shorts: observe my one pair of denim shorts I bought for working in the yard, etc – beautiful, yes?

Also you can see that I ALWAYS shop at classy places like J.Crew, and never at Goodwill. I was forced to go into this Goodwill fitting room and try on that gigantic mass of clothes behind me.

Speaking of how things fit, I think one of my biggest problems with finding shorts/pants is that my legs are really muscular, but apparently not so muscular that cuts that tend to fit muscular women well fit well on me. So pants/shorts are either so tight that they won’t even go over my calves (I try on a pair of Lucky Brand skinny jeans almost every time I go into a TJ Maxx and then complain and act surprised every time that I get them on but feel like my calves are trying to desperately escape) or they are baggy in odd places. This is what was wrong with the Old Navy shorts – they were tight in my hips, and tight at the cuff of the short, but billowed out in between. Slacks are probably the worst, though. They are ALWAYS way way way too tight in the thighs and then like…billowy around my lower legs? As you can see in this next lovely fitting room photo, these pants seem way too tight and way too big at the same time. And I’ll have you know that I had already sized up to try to accommodate my thighs and glutes – the smaller size fit my waist just fine! I’m fine with sizing up in the waist – I know how to tailor pants well enough to fix that, but the bottom of these pants just makes me look silly. This leads to me almost always wearing skirts. As you can see in my even more beautifully shot bathroom selfie, skirts just look way better on me because they give my legs room without looking baggy. I can’t wear skirts EVERY day, though, so the quest for summery slacks continues 😦

Exhibit A

Exhibit B


After shopping, my husband and I went out for dinner at a new restaurant in Harrisburg for our “date” – we always try to have one special date night when we visit each other since it is so rare. Recently these two really shady bars shut down and were replaced by classier places. Seriously – this establishment changed from like weekly stabbings to a bar/restaurant with fancy food and live bands. This place had half -price brick oven pizza on Mondays so we decided on it over others downtown. Things I liked: they had over 100 different beers! One of the bars at school has this feature, so I was less surprised, but Kris was really impressed by this (I think the normal beer-focused place he goes to has like 50ish). He almost didn’t flip over the beer menu because he didn’t realize there would be more than 50 beers! I tried a Wells Banana Bread and an RJ Rockers Son of a Peach. Despite my lack of surprise at ability to provide so many beers, I was impressed at what beers they had – they had a lot of unique beers and local beers (the place at school includes things like Bud Light in their list of 100). They also had a lot of fruity beers and coffee beers, both of which I really like, so I’ll probably head back for that. The food was slightly less impressive. We got some lamb sliders as an appetizer, which were pretty good but overpriced ($12 for 3 and they were like 2 bites each). Then, they were out of an ingredient for the pizza we really wanted, so we got a different kind, and the meat on it was kind of sparse in comparison to what we were expecting. The crust was also surprisingly non-crispy for a brick oven pizza and the pizza was really really small. We ended up going out for ice cream afterwards, because both of us were still hungry (to be fair, all I had after the pancakes was a sandwich, some honeydew, and some coffee, because I was saving room for bar food).

Today, it is back to work –  I have a class to prepare for this summer!




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