So Close…Yet So Far Away….

I am soooooo close to a 25 minute 5K. Today I ran 2.96 miles in 25 minutes…and that was after my legs turned to jelly because I forgot that squats would be difficult after a 2ish week hiatus. Oops. Also, I never run as well in the evening. This gives me great confidence that had this been on rested legs, in the morning, after a proper breakfast, I would have been fine.

Speaking of the squats, my workout today was…interesting. I feel like I am so far away from ever making progress at strength training.

First of all, I expected the gym to be completely dead because it is summer. I figured most people aren’t taking summer classes, and if you aren’t taking classes, you have to pay to use the gym, so I thought that might thin out the pool of gym-goers even more. Nope. Apparently not. I had to wait for equipment multiple times today (which like never happens).

Then, because I was doing a new workout, I had to locate all the new equipment and figure out how to use it. I’m still not sure if I’m doing “woodchops” correctly. I also could not find a bench with a proper incline for back extensions. There was a back extension machine, but I couldn’t use dumbbells to work my triceps while using it as the workout specified. I settled for switching between that machine and the tricep press machine. I hope that is sufficient. Also, with all of these new workouts, I had the problem of not knowing what an appropriate amount of weight would be, meaning that I probably totally messed up not only my form but also perhaps did even these poor excuses at the workouts half-assed in terms of effort. It will get better (I hope).

Two other small things: my workout took WAY longer than planned, and I embarrassed myself. I thought this lifting routine would be similar in length to NROL4W, and I don’t know if it is because I was confused about new moves or what, but it took like 15 extra minutes. I was glad I only had 3 miles to run afterwards – I wanted to go home and make dinner (man, it was like 6:45 when I left the gym and I was SO tempted to get fast food  but I didn’t, I guess that is a victory). Also, when I went to do lateral pulldowns, a different bar was on the pulley. I’m tall enough to reach the bar, but I’m not really tall enough to manipulate it, so I was trying to switch it out while standing on my tiptoes and turned my shoulder strangely. Some guy at the machine freaked out, probably thinking I had broken my shoulder or something (I’m really double jointed, so while it only caused me surprise and slight discomfort, I don’t know if other people COULD bend their shoulder this way – keep in mind that by really double jointed I mean I can lick my elbow). Luckily, after he calmed down, he simply offered to finish changing it for me and went back to his workout. I felt annoyed (at the gym) that I was forced to accept his help – a woman of average height (I’m 5’5″) should be able to independently use equipment!


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