Some Runs are Only Training Runs

Normally, I love running. I don’t even have to worry about sticking to my training plan because I hate resting from it. After a day off, I just want to run!

Not today. Today was a mess. And it only got worse. Still, I suffered through it, so that I will be able to run 13.1 miles in a month.

First of all, I still have terrible DOMS from my strength workout on Monday. I don’t know why, this is seriously the worst it has ever been. It seriously hurts to like touch my leg still. I convinced myself that it would get better when I went for my run (exercising normally helps loosen up the muscles and make them feel better). They don’t feel any better, though. At least about 2 miles in they stopped feeling like they were on fire…only to start feeling like they each weighed 500 lbs 1 mile later.

Second, it was over 80 degrees. I didn’t think it would be sooo bad, because I had just taken the dog for a walk and not felt like it was “that” hot (it was kind of cloudy and windy) so I thought it would be ok. I even prepared myself to run a little slower due to the heat! Still, I wasn’t expecting the clouds to go away and for it to just get hotter and hotter and hotter as I ran. Plus, I somehow managed to get mildly sunburnt, despite wearing freshly applied 50 SPF waterproof sunscreen. Ugh.

And how did it get even worse than I planned for it to be – after all, I had expected the leg pain and heat? The first problem was that I decided that today would be a good test run for my new hydration belt. It was super bouncy and distracted me and felt uncomfortable the whole time. I guess I’ll keep experimenting with wearing it different ways because it isn’t supposed to be bouncy – all the reviews told me so! Additionally, I got attacked like a goose. Like it straight up hissed at me and charged me! I didn’t know what to do, so I just yelled “no goose!” and some nearby cyclist looked at me like I was crazy.

Hopefully I’ll get back on track with enjoying my running later this week!


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