What a Productive Weekend!

Well, I never thought I’d utter THAT title.

So, what have I accomplished this weekend? I guess I’ll go in order.


  • Found a shirt for my husband to wear to a Harry Potter themed wedding next week (ok, I may have completely accomplished this until Saturday). The couple has asked everyone to sort themselves via an online sorting hat and dress in house colors. He is apparently a Hufflepuff, so he is required to wear black and yellow (I am a Ravenclaw, and shall post pics of me in my lovely blue and bronze outfit next week). We thought we had found him a yellow shirt, but it didn’t fit, so I went to the mall to return it and find a different one. Who knew finding a fitted yellow dress shirt was so difficult? The only decent one I found was at Express. I was misled by their promise that men’s dress shirts were buy one, get one $20 (I thought I’d even get him a present with that sale!). It turns out that their regular priced shirts are $70, however! WTF. I am all about spending more for quality, but that is just ridiculous, considering I’ve read online that they are similar in quality to the button downs at Target (did not have yellow). I ended up picking up one at Macy’s (which had no shirts over $50!) in a regular fit but his size and one at TJ Maxx (I did this Saturday) that has a 1/2″ too big neck but is fitted. We shall see what works. It’s just for a day, anyway.
  • Tried a new recipe out. My roommate left me leftover pancakes to eat, and I decided to make bananas foster pancakes. I knew from ordering the french toast version at restaurants that it is very sweet but not very caloric (1 serving of pancake + syrup + whole banana ~ 500 calories). Plus, since I was at home, and not in some chain restaurant with no liquor license, I got to actually include the rum!


  • Ran 11 miles in 1:40! But you already knew this.
  • Actually found shirt option #2 for my husband.
  • Went grocery shopping and got the ingredients to make myself a homemade pizza! I topped it with italian turkey sausage, olives, and mushrooms. I was going to include spinach but my spinach went bad and I didn’t realize this before heading to the store 😦 I felt especially productive doing this because I was going to order a pizza (I certainly had the cals for it after a long run) but my favorite pizza place closed and I didn’t want a disappointing experiment in new pizza places. By making my own instead, I was able to eat half a pizza for just over 600 calories!!!
  • Tried to go bathing suit shopping. Target’s bathing suits have bikini bottoms that are too tiny (you could see like 90% of my underwear when I put the bottom on over them), they seem to reverse vanity size (like the small was occasionally too small, when I normally wear an XS at Target, which I know is normal vanity sizing), and the one pieces were all like…too short? I’m not even tall! At least I got to try on a monokini there. I had been fancying one because I’m a little self conscious about my loose skin and it would hide my tummy a bit (I don’t think they even make small one pieces that cover you normally, or at least I can’t find them). It was terrifyingly bad, though – I had worried the loose skin would look bad in a bikini, but it looked worse in this because when I bent over at all it would like smoosh out around the side of the stomach panel! It just looked super weird, and looked way more normal to just expose it.
  • Finished all of the lecture slides for my class! I still have a few computer lab sessions to prep, though.


  • Cleaned my room! It was a terrible mess and Kris is coming to visit to go to that wedding and I don’t want him to think I’m bachelorette frog. I ended up finding a bunch of sweaters with holes in them and stuff to get rid of! Yay!
  • Had a great workout! 35 minutes on the stationary bike in “fat burn” mode (it basically meant constant high level of resistance), followed by this core routine, followed by foam rolling. I much preferred the core routine this week, as it was much more difficult –  I couldn’t even do the supine leg lifts, I could just barely raise my butt up off the ground!
  • Discovered that Starbucks has protein laden fruit smoothies? They have a lot of sugar, but my mango-orange smoothie also had 16g of protein, so I’ll allow it. It was a way better option than Coldstone, which was next door to Starbucks, and I considered.
  • Found a bathing suit! I only went to JCP because my mom texted me last night to tell me that they had a huge athletic clothing clearance at her store, but apparently not at mine (everything was like, more than normal price). After yesterday’s accidental bathing suit adventure at Target (I only went in to see if they had yellow shirts), though, I had to try. They ended up having bathing suit bottoms that fit me better, but the bathing suit tops were either way too tight or gigantic. They had no one pieces in my size 😦 Luckily, I found a tankini that came in my actual bra size!  It was also on sale and I didn’t know it (the full price was still the one displayed) so I was extra excited!
  • Finished the midterm for my class! I still need to make the study guide, though. I can’t believe students would take a 300 level class that is 4 weeks long. Writing a midterm after only 0ne week seems silly.
  • As I write, my laundry is finishing up!

I hope everyone else had a lovely and productive weekend, too 🙂

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