Homemade Running Fuel

I mentioned in my post about training options that I’m considering possible fuel options. The author of Running Without Sugar helpfully commented that I should look into what gels/drinks are being offered at the race! So I went to the race website to look…and it only ambiguously states that they will be there. I guess I could email them, but that might take effort! Maybe I’ll get around to it? It just seems like a fairly small race, so I don’t want them to like, remember me as the weirdo that emailed them about gels. I’m sure people have emailed them with weirder questions, though.

I was also considering using something that I could easily have on hand at my house so that it is easier to use it in my remaining training runs (because I live like right next door to a running store, gels technically count in this category, but still, they are expensive and I’d have to go to the running store and walk out with nothing but gels, which seems impossible). I read that a couple good options are fig newtons and orange slices. However, the problem here is that I am afraid these will get warm and/or crumbly and just be super gross (fig newtons don’t seem that sturdy to me).

Another thing I was considering was making something like miniature homemade energy bars. I was inspired by Kelly the Culinarian, who wrote about this just the other day! Her recipe in particular doesn’t seem appealing to me (I’m not a huge coconut fan), but what I took from the post was that it might be possible to make something homemade! I’m not the world’s most amazing cook, but I can get by, and I enjoy trying out new recipes. Also, she made some really good points about digestion – I’ve read others have trouble with it, and I know I have a fairly sensitive stomach, and the idea of sucking down an energy gel has just sounded absolutely disgusting ever since I first heard of it. Like, I was mentally prepping myself with “it will just take a few seconds and you will drink water with it so you will survive.” I’m afraid that even if I don’t have a physical reason for digestion problems, this would give me a mental reason. So on a hunt for homemade running fuel recipes I went!

I have a list of recipes I’m considering using:

The main reason I’m considering these: most of these include things that are reasonable ingredients that I either already own or could easily purchase at a chain grocery store. While I’m ok with trying new recipes, I’m a lot more hesitant to try new foods, especially if they are something that seems like it might not be as healthy as the hype and is expensive. It took me AGES to try quinoa. Quinoa, for crying out loud. It’s basically just expensive rice with protein, why was I so hesitant? The thing hanging me up on a lot of these, of course, then, is the chia seeds. WTF are chia seeds? They seem similar to flaxseeds (my source is wikipedia, so I might be wrong)? Do I need to include both? Could I just include flaxseeds? I bought these once because they were in a recipe on pinterest that I heard rave reviews of and I heard they actually supplied good fats, so I decided they might deserve the health hype they were getting, plus, even though they were pricey, a little goes a long way, apparently. My grinder is like half full of them and I still have like 90% of a bag and I’ve made that recipe multiple times. So my conclusion is that unless I find convincing evidence that chia seeds are WAY different I’m not going to waste my money!

To end this post, I will tell you my small gym story from today. I got on the treadmill to do my 3 minute warmup jog before lifting, and noticed that blood was EVERYWHERE. It was all over both hands and like on my chest where I apparently scratched it and on my phone and it had like dripped down on my shirt ughhhh. I might have peeled my finger making sweet potatoes yesterday and thought it was sufficiently scabbed to not do this, but I turned out to be wrong. So I went in search of a bandaid. I first checked the desk where they rent like balls and crap and that guy didn’t have any, but said that all gym employees are meant to have a first aid kit if they are walking around, so find literally any gym employee. The first guy I found only had GIANT bandaids. So apparently my gym is bad at bandaids. He also might have been hitting on me? He was like “Aww, did you get a little cut?!” then after I thanked him for the bandaid he was like “I’ll be around if you need anything else!” Maybe he was just being nice. I don’t know. I don’t understand gym employees.


2 thoughts on “Homemade Running Fuel

  1. Let us know how your supplement experiments go. But, remember, try them before you actually do your race. If you don’t have time, don’t attempt it. I tried something once, and I had to stop at 4 loos and it was no fun!

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