Rest Day Reflections

Time for another day of ramblings rest day reflections!

  • Tornadoes. They suck. People never seem to understand why they are one of my biggest fears until one is imminent or a big one strikes somewhere. Poor Oklahoma 😦
  • Expensive makeup. Buy it.  The last few days I have realized that even after long runs and showers, I am still wiping makeup off my face at the end of the day! Until a few years ago, I didn’t know you could buy non-drugstore makeup. Now, I don’t think I own ANY drugstore makeup!! Wait, wait, I do – I have some translucent powder from Physician’s Formula that I use to set my concealer. The first time I set foot in a Sephora I was so clueless and thought everything was soooo expensive. Now, I’m like “Oh, this thing is only $35?!?!” And trust me, it’s worth it. One thing I REALLY put off was buying nice eyeliner.  Then, I bought some of the Urban Decay 24/7 liner. It’s so good it’s almost too good – I have trouble removing it after 5 mile runs!
  • Ice cream. It’s too good. In the summer, I want to eat pretty much nothing else. At least the fact that I know I can’t eat ice cream all day and my desire to eat nothing else keeps me from going over my calories too frequently.
  • Memorial day. Speaking of overeating, I’m going to a cookout thingy. Should I take my mom’s super duper strawberry jello cake thing? I’d link a recipe, but I can’t find anything like it quite online. Basically, it’s white cake that rests on a bed of strawberries and mini marshmallows in strawberry jello covered in coolwhip mixed with vanilla pudding. I think I could make a semi-“healthy” (read: sugar free-ish) version. Or, should I make something from Pinterest that I am pretending I am going to make someday? Decisions, decisions. Either way, I’m pretty excited because…
  • MY HUSBAND IS COMING TO VISIT ME!!! Because of vacation/schedule flexibility/car quality issues, I typically visit him. I’m fairly certain everyone here thinks he is some person I invented so that I have an excuse to go out of town (he has visited before, but still). I’m pretty excited because he will get to go to a lot of parties and such with me this weekend and so people will get to remember that he is real…and for some people, meet him for the first time!!

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