Foods on Fridays

Today is an exciting day!

First of all, I am administering the midterm in my class today, which means that I am halfway done and get to go back to PA for the summer soon!!!

Secondly, my husband and our doggy are coming out to visit for the weekend!!! Kris has not been out here for a little over a year (to be fair, I took last fall off so it’s not like he could have come at another time) and so I’m super excited to share new things in the town with him and for all my friends to visit with him again. Plus, my scientific mind cannot help but wonder what will happen when the world’s two most neurotic pitbulls (that would be Belle and River) combine.

The weekend will also be exciting!

The main reason Kris is coming out here is that we will be going to a wedding. Some friends I made when I first moved here three (WTF really 3?!) years ago are getting married this weekend…in a Harry Potter themed wedding. I think I mentioned this before, but a fun aspect of the ceremony is that they have asked guests to dress in their house colors – I have my blue and bronze already to go, and hopefully Kris’s yellow shirt fits or we will be pretending he is not a Hufflepuff. My roommate is in the wedding party, and I must say after seeing her bridesmaid’s dress yesterday, I am impressed with the level of sophistication with which they have incorporated the theme. Wedding party members will be dressed in black, with the ladies wearing a sash and accessories to add the house colors (the dresses are adorable chiffon LBDs with sweetheart necklines, that was a good pick), and the men wearing coordinating vests and ties (don’t worry, they still added an element of fun with custom Converse for the party members to wear in order to party!). I only know this because a certain chain bridal store wanted to charge my roommate like $85,000 (perhaps it was slightly less) to trim the ribbon they are using as a sash, so yesterday she and I instead trimmed it with sewing scissors and melted the end on the stove in order to keep it from fraying. We should probably just quit grad school and start DIYing things for a living somehow instead. I was proud of us.

The day of the wedding, a faculty member in our department is also having a crawfish broil. I have never eaten crawfish, so hopefully it is good. I expect it to be a wild party, as he is apparently setting up tents for those who become too incapacitated to leave. This almost makes me sad that Kris and I will have to leave at a reasonable hour and limit our homemade sangria intake in order to go to the wedding – I’d like to see what happens when political scientists party like this! I’m just glad that a department event happens to coincide with Kris’s visit. I’m fairly certain most of the faculty think he is an imaginary being I made up as an excuse to do less work on breaks.

Now, I know that this post is supposed to be about food, and I’m getting there. It’s just been a lengthy segue. Obviously, with all these events, I am going to be eating a ton. I also will be eating a ton at home. I’ve already made these snickerdoodle blondies as a treat for Kris, who loves snickerdoodles, and they are amazing and worth every one of their 250 calories. I also plan on trying to make us some white pizza tonight, following this recipe, which has a picture that closely resembles the heavenly pizza made at a local pizza place back where we live in PA. We shall relax after his 600 mile trip with that and some Goose Island 312 (it occurred to me that I should buy localish beer for his visit – too bad that I didn’t think of it sooner, or I would have run to a local brewery for a 6-pack, but alas, I was limited to the selection at Kroger). I also plan on sharing with him my favorite Mexican restaurant, which I discovered after or around the same time as him coming out here last year, so he hasn’t been able to try it yet. This is the restaurant featured in one of my progress pics, and one reason that this place is so awesome is that the margaritas we are holding are only $5 and taste amazing:

However, I don’t feel that bad about all of this potential food, because I have eaten like next to nothing all week. The one exception was Thursday, when we had a mini party and I binged on a bag of Doritos (it still wasn’t that bad). Part of the problem was that our AC was broken, so I just didn’t want to cook. Also, for some reason, in the summer I crave almost no food except ice cream, and I know it would be unreasonable to eat for every meal, so I don’t eat that much since I have no cravings for anything else. Therefore,  I have this gigantic calorie deficit for the week already, and I haven’t even had my 12 miler!

That being said, this is actually a really good opportunity to discuss what a 1750 calorie day looks like. Here was a typical day for me this week:


  • Coffee
  • Greek yogurt cup
  • Granola (2 tbsp)
  • 208 calories

Morning Snack

  • 2 Clementines
  • 80 calories


  • Sweet potato topped with cinnamon, splenda, and 1/2 tbsp light butter
  • Tilapia filet cooked in 1/2 tbsp olive oil and 1 tbsp chili powder
  • One mango (tossed in with tilapia for like 2 seconds)
  • 456 calories

Afternoon Snacks

  • Protein shake (just one scoop chocolate powder with 8 oz vanilla almond milk)
  • 8 strawberries
  • 201 calories


  • Chicken salad on rice cakes (chicken breast tenderloin, 1 tbsp light mayo, 1 tsp spicy brown mustard, 5 grapes, 1 tbsp toasted slivered almonds, celery)
  • Baby carrots
  • Garlic Hummus (1 tbsp)
  • Red grapes (1 cup)
  • Trail mix (1/4 cup)
  • 543 calories


  • 1/2 cup Edy’s slow churned vanilla ice cream (the brand is important because it’s awesome)
  • 1/2 a banana
  • 1 tbsp natural crunchy peanut butter
  • 2 tbsp sugar free vanilla chocolate syrup
  • 313 calories



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