Too Much Rest

As I mentioned before, my husband was here over the weekend. He actually ended up staying an extra day as he got “sick” (he sometimes gets dizzy spells and so while he was mostly fine he was too dizzy to drive home)! That was nice, but the weekend was simultaneously too busy and too restful.

My lower calf muscles had been hurting a lot, especially after my 12 mile run on Friday. I decided that as my husband would be here, I’d give myself a super rest weekend to recuperate – no cross training on Sunday, and moving my 3 mile run to Tuesday (when he should have been gone). This, however, was a grave error. I went out yesterday for said 3 mile run and my legs were soooo tight and stiff. I felt like I could hardly move. In fact, I still sort of feel that way, which is not normal for me after such a short run. My pace also suffered – I ran that 3 miles at my long run pace!

I also took quite the rest from my diet. It all started when I allowed myself to indulge at the wedding on Saturday. I just kept going, eating pizza, ice cream, cookies, brownies, and alcohol all weekend. I gained about 10 pounds! I’m sure that at least 8 of that is water weight, but I very well may have gained like 2 real pounds. I haven’t seen a weight this high since spring break (mid March), so while I’m trying to just move on and have a good day today, I feel very disappointed in myself for letting the binge this weekend get SO out of control. It was probably my worst ever, largely because it was multi-day.A large part of the overeating was that this was a chance for me to take Kris to a bunch of new places (as well as old ones he enjoyed) to eat. A large part of it, though, was simply that I made bad choices. For example, I made 2 dozen brownies in preparation for his arrival. I then made a whole batch of chocolate chip cookies because I won a Tardis cookie jar at the wedding (they were the centerpieces) and I just HAD to fill it. At least most of those got eaten at a party, but I think I ate a whole dozen myself.

At least I looked awesome representing Ravenclaw at said wedding!

I am getting back on track for the rest of the week and hopefully until my half marathon, though. I’m going to be really busy (hopefully moving soon) but at least I will try not to surround myself with baked goods. Or at least I’m trying. Today has already been mildly unpleasant – our AC is broken (hence the moving), it is 90 degrees, and I forgot my running shoes when I went to use the treadmill at the gym so now I have to wait until it cools down tonight to run or decide to make today a rest day and tomorrow a workout day. Ugh.


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