Foods on Fridays

I’ve been doing well the last 2 days since the long weekend’s super multi day binge. I’m a little nervous about this weekend, though – moving is usually a huge binge trigger for me. It’s hard work, so it makes me super hungry and feeling like I need a “reward.” At least this time it is super rushed so I didn’t have time to run myself out of food and I can eat semi-normally – I also have a bad habit of not wanting to move food and getting rid of all of it too early and eating nothing but fast food for like 2 weeks. Strangely, the thing I am least worried about is the fact that I will probably be ordering a lot of pizza (pizza is one of the few foods I have a hard time resisting). Since I had a big pizza binge last weekend, and there will probably be multiple instances of pizza, I won’t care as much about eating ALL THE PIZZA. This is because part of the thing is that I can usually convince myself when faced with a tempting food that there is no reason to eat a ton of it now, because I can always have more later, but this doesn’t work with pizza because I crave FRESH pizza – therefore I can only trick myself if there will be more fresh pizza in the future. I’m weird, I know. At least moving does actually involve a lot of activity/calories burning – the problem is more that I tend to overeat due to business in the days that surround it.

But on to the bulk of today’s post: food reviews!

  • Target. Yes, I know Target is not a food, but I’d like to begin my making some comments on them as a grocery store. First of all, do not buy fresh produce there. Just don’t do it. Every time I try it ends up going bad super fast. I bought strawberries there there other day and they were moldy in THREE days. Strawberries never last long enough to go moldy in my house.  I do like to buy a lot of their prepackaged Archer Farms brand foods, though. Some of my favorites: the Hawaiian BBQ sauce (put it in a crockpot with meat and pineapple); the hummus; the granola (it is like $3, comes in a resealable bag, and there are like 500 flavors!); and a recent find, the pizza crusts (they still aren’t as a good as homemade or fresh, but are wayyyyy faster).
  • Voskos Greek yogurt. I’m really really really really picky about Greek yogurt. In fact, I’m so picky that I have almost completely stopped experimenting with it. I basically eat Chobani and Fage (but only if there is no Chobani). My roommate saw this brand at Walmart the other day though and it was on sale for like 94 cents so I bought 3 to try out, mostly because the ingredients looked legit (no weird thickeners or sweeteners or anything, these tend to make it taste weird to me). It isn’t Chobani, but it is good enough for me to consider buying it again if it is on sale for a substantially cheaper price than Chobani (around here the Cho is like $1.33 if it’s not on sale, so if something else I’m ok with is $1 I will probably do that instead).
  • Bisquick Complete (I think it’s with whole wheat and buttermilk – not sure if they make different varieties). Don’t do it. Normally I buy regular “heart healthy” Bisquick that you can use to bake anything, but then only use it to make pancakes. Then, I saw this pancake only mix and was enticed by the fact that it was $1 cheaper and had “whole wheat” in it (I probably shouldn’t have fell for the fake healthy thing). I figured it couldn’t hurt because I never use the Bisquick to make like biscuits or anything anyway, just pancakes. It was SUPER gross, though. Like it tasted like nothing but water. And this was not just because you mix it with water instead of milk – I’ve had other pancake mix + water concoctions taste like normal pancakes. These tasted like nothing but the added blueberries.

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