Foods on Fridays

Happy first day of summer, everyone! I hope you all were able to do something fun to celebrate – I sure did! I took a nice walk with Belle followed by a quick ride on my bike, and rode at the super fast (for me!) speed of 12mph for the first time. Additionally, after seeing my story on Runs for Cookies and Reddit, From Fat to Finish Line decided to feature me as a success story on their Facebook page. You should go check it out – not just because I’m featured there, but because it features other success stories, and is run by a group of success stories – you see, it is a group of 12 people who are making a documentary about how they all lost 100 lbs and ran the 200 mile Ragnar Relay Race! On top of all this, I am departing for my trip to New York in less than 2 hours! Eek!

Now, on to the food!

This week was fairly unexciting in terms of food – I mostly ate leftover lasagna that I had prepared to eat the night before my half marathon for lunch all week and when I ran out of that I turned to PB&J. I also made pancakes for breakfast every single day – talk about boring! I at least tried to make them different by adding cinnamon one day (this was almost exciting, as I accidentally grabbed paprika instead of cinnamon due to not having yet had my coffee!). Also, I switched back to my normal Bisquick Heart Healthy mix, which was a major improvement (I previously complained about the quality of Bisquick Complete Whole Wheat). One nice thing was that I did get a chance to use my new charcoal grill again, and it went far better than it did last time, mostly because I did not try to make ALL the food on the grill. We had grilled tilapia which I had covered in olive oil, lemon juice, Old Bay, and pepper, with steamed broccoli and baked potato slices (eaten with ketchup so I could pretend they were fries). This was about as exciting as dinner got, though.

One positive aspect of the boring food choices this week has been that I haven’t really been eating a lot of unhealthy snacks – yeah, with all this activity, I’ve had room for a beer or two and a small bowl of ice cream at night after dinner most days, but throughout the day, I’ve been snacking on cheese and crackers, fresh fruit, or Greek yogurt! It helps to have my husband around, because I don’t want to encourage too many “bad” choices as he is trying to get healthier right now. Also, with all of our walking, cycling, and my running, I’ve actually had difficulty eating enough. I’ve taken to having a bowl of cereal with peanut butter before bed some days to help with the caloric intake, in fact. Normally, I wouldn’t be worried – especially as I’m going on a vacation where I don’t plan to count calories – but I weighed myself yesterday, and despite my rant the other day about how I don’t want to lose anymore weight because I’m getting too skinny, I was down yet another 2 pounds, to 121. Honestly, I’m a little concerned – 127 was definitely a happy weight for me, and I’m quite far below that now. I know this isn’t the typical thing people complain about (who would ever think I would be complaining about being TOO skinny) but I worry very much about my mental well being in terms of diet and exercise – I’m afraid that if I stay at this weight too long, I will start to think of this as a realistic goal weight, and then be disappointed when I inevitably get back up to 127. I don’t want that to happen, so I’m trying to keep things in check. We’ll see how things are after my vacation!

Oh – and one final thing! I finally figured out how to use Bloglovin, so if you follow the link below, you can now follow me on there:

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