Foods on Fridays

I woke up feeling extremely sore this morning, and had no idea why. I asked Kris if he felt sore, thinking I might still be sore from our trip or something, even though this would make very little sense as I was not sore yesterday. He was not still sore, so the only thing that I can conclude is that this is delayed onset soreness from yesterday. What happened yesterday? Belle was so determined to chase a groundhog in the park that SHE PULLED ME FLAT ON MY FACE! This would also explain why my right arm (which was holding the leash) would be the most sore. Still, it didn’t hurt that badly at the time, so I’m fairly surprised.

Also: if your upper body and arms are sore, do not decide that today is a good day to clean your claw foot tub. Why? Because this contraption has not one, not two, but THREE shower curtains that are suspended from bars that hang from the ceiling and are higher than your head. This means you will be holding your sore arms above your head for quite awhile. Oh, and you will also need to remove that silly little quarter curtain thingy with bags in it to hold your stuff because that claw foot tub that seemed like such a good idea at first turned out to have zero storage. Actually, the moral of this tale may be to not get a claw foot tub. Just don’t – they are overrated.

This post is supposed to be about food, though, so I will stop complaining about my chores and move on to talking about food!

Overall, I was not too displeased with the choices that I made in New York. I kept it to a reasonable 3 meals and 1-2 snacks/desserts per day. Also, I did not eat enormous portions at any of the meals. For example, even on the pizza day, we ordered a small pizza, so eating half of it was more like my normal 1/4 (who am I kidding I still eat half) of a large pizza. I also tried to get small servings every time we got snacks like gelato or to share snacks (like fries or pretzels) with Kris. Even at the M&M store, we basically bought one serving of peanut M&Ms each (while still not healthy, I was tempted to get myself a whole pound, so this was quite reasonable in comparison).

What were my over-indulgences, then?

Probably coffee with calories and alcohol. I was just soooooo thirsty and soooooo tired and soooooo hot that I kept drinking those frozen blended coffee beverage things that probably have like 500 calories each. I also had beer or wine at almost every meal (though, due to expense, I usually just had like one).

Normally I don’t drink so many calories, so these felt like indulgences to me. I also ate  more in the morning than I normally do while being less full. This was partially the fault of the hotel and partially my fault. The hotel provided a free hot breakfast. They actually had lots of things that would have been healthier/more filling, but because I was in a rush each of the days, I had a toasted mini bagel with cream cheese and a mini muffin. This sounds reasonable, but because the empty carbs weren’t very satisfying, I usually wound up feeling hungry and needing a snack before lunchtime. These were the most accessible quick things at the hotel, which is why I give them partial blame, but to be fair, they did have hard boiled eggs, cinnamon raisin oatmeal, and fruit that I could have picked instead – I just can’t resist the empty carbs. In retrospect, a couple of mini pastries + another mini pastry later in the morning is probably not the worst food decision anyone (including myself) has ever made, though.

I was also glad to find that upon returning home I found I was truly wanting to go back to my normal healthy habits rather than continuing to eat millions of donuts (ok, I had 3, not a million, and it was the first day when we didn’t really end up eating anything else “bad”). It probably helped that yesterday when I was at the doctor she suggested that instead of focusing so much on calories that I focus on “eating the rainbow” and making sure I get enough protein. I assured her that I track protein and supplement when strength training, which she was very glad to hear, but I knew she was right about the rainbow thing – eating the rainbow means making sure you try to eat fruits and veggies of a variety of colors throughout the day, and I know I do not eat nearly enough veggies nor varied enough fruits. This discussion at least inspired me to buy tri-color peppers, baby carrots, onions, spinach, red potatoes, blueberries, bananas, and strawberries! I know that is still pretty basic but at least I’m trying. I am sure I will improve at this.

I haven’t cooked much since getting back from NYC, so I don’t have any new recipes/cooking ideas to share (I made fajitas last night with the peppers and onions but they were meh), but I do have a couple of reviews of foods I didn’t make.

First, yesterday, I finally decided to try Pita Pit because it was like right next to the doctor’s office. This place is basically Subway with pitas, so it wasn’t THAT amazing or anything, but it was a nice healthy fast food place to try out. A plus side was that the food was actually pretty low in calories, so they at least had that going for their health claims (often “healthy” fast food only seems healthy, but it really isn’t). Note,however, that their “secret” sauce has something like 200 calories, while most of the others have FAR less – the one I put on my pita (chipolte) had less than half the calories! This can be avoided by looking at nutrition info ahead of time, though – they had a ton of better options. Another bonus was that they had fancier toppings than Subway, like roasted red peppers and feta cheese, which tasted great (along with numerous other veggies) on my chicken souvlaki pita. Con: it was a little pricey at $9 for a drink, pita, and chips or a cookie (I got baked chips). I’d go there again, though – thanks, Gab, for the suggestion of this place!

Second, when I came home from vacation, a free sample of Quest bars was at my door! I believe I ordered these free samples through some promotion that Hungry Girl was having. I have a few friends who swear by these (they do low carb diets) and I thought I’d try them out since they had pretty cool flavors and these friends are recommending them, but I’d have to actually drag myself to like GNC or something, whereas I can buy Clif bars at the regular grocery store, so I’ve been putting it off. The samples that I got were apple pie and cookie dough, and so far I’ve tried the apple pie. It tasted really good, but the texture was odd because it was really grainy, even after following the recommendation to microwave it. Sorry I didn’t take a picture to show you how unappetizing these look, but an image search will show you what I mean about the texture. Compared to other low-carb bars, though, it was really really really amazing. It was also extremely filling – I ate half before and half after my run and I didn’t even feel like having lunch till after 1 pm (normally I am starving by like 11:30 because I eat breakfast at like 6:30). Because Clif bars still have a lot of good flavors, a better texture, are more available, and I am not super focused on macros (the Quest bar is nutritionally superior), I will probably still rely on those for “oh no I forgot to pack lunch what will I eat” type snacks that I keep in my purse, but I would not be opposed to buying the Quest bars if I happened to come across some. Besides – I’ve heard the cookie dough is even better, so perhaps it will change my mind.

One more silly (warning: it’s only funny if you’re liberal) thing for you to enjoy this weekend that is at least somewhat related to running: go check out the reviews of the Mizuno Wave Rider at Amazon. This makes me sad I’m an overpronator and can’t wear neutral shoes 😦


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