Remember Your Sunscreen!

Just a short post today – I went out for a “long” run this morning and came home having completely “only” 6 miles. I haven’t run too much since my half so I thought I’d shoot for 6 and depending on how I felt at the turnaround spot I’d got a little longer (usually this method works for running longer distances). Today, however was incredibly unpleasant.

I forgot to stretch yesterday after running, which was a huge mistake considering that I was super sore from falling over already. Thus, my legs were sore and stiff when I started out and they never really loosened up. Instead, specific places on them started to have pain. At least I wasn’t in that bad of pain – I ran past some other runner who was making a face like every step forward was about to kill her. I know some people applaud those who run through major pain and injuries for their commitment, but in most cases, I think the decision to run while injured is foolish, because in the long run, you might hurt yourself very badly to the point that instead of taking 1-2 days off of running, you are taking off weeks to heal, and that sounds worse to me!

In addition to being stiff and sore, I felt like I was running through a bowl of soup. It was only in the mid 70s, but the humidity was really high and I run along a river which means bugs everywhere! There was also almost no wind. I think the worst part of the humidity is that it slows me down soooo much. I could barely keep under a 10 minute pace today. I hate it when my pace is affected like that – I KNOW it is because of the humidity, but I still have negative thoughts and beat myself up fearing it might be because I’m a horrible, lazy, terrible runner. Logically, I know that isn’t true, but I always feel like I’ve done something wrong and will never recover after a slow run like that, and it happens A LOT in the summer.

I also was not very comfortable with my getup. I tried to wear as little clothing as possible due to the heat, humidity, and lack of clouds in the sky. My shirt, a tank with a (real) built in bra was great, but my running skirt was not. When I first got these I thought they would be great because they would let me wear those super tight super short shorts without revealing my floppy extra thigh skin too badly, with the plus of being super cute. Instead, the little shorts inside are just super uncomfortable because they keep riding up! Perhaps it is because I bought super cheap ones – I did, after all, buy Target brand running skirts at Goodwill (at least they were still new with tags). Any recommendations on running skirt brands?

In addition to all of this, I forgot to wear sunscreen. Kris assures me that it isn’t that noticeable, but all I could see when I got home to shower was the shape of my racerback tanktop on my back đŸ˜¦ I am also developing a line around my ankles from wearing socks. Ugh. I guess I’d get these even if I wore sunscreen, as on my whiter than white skin nothing can keep out the rays of the sun, but at least my tan lines would not be as dramatic. Also, I’m really paranoid about skin cancer and the aging effects of sun, so I typically wear it all day every day no matter what I am doing – forgetting it today was an artifact of cleaning the bathroom yesterday and moving it, messing up my routine (it wasn’t directly beside my lotion and deodorant).

Oh well, the day won’t be too depressing at least – pizza and board games later!


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