Things I’ve Never Yelled at Men from my Car: My Personal List

Happy ‘Murica Day, everyone! Hope you are enjoying the taste of freedom (which you probably are, if freedom happens to taste like beer and burgers).

I saw this video today on r/running and thought I’d add a few personal additions to the list.

  • Unintelligible comments (if you are going past at 50mph, I can’t understand you)
  • Faster!
  • Whistles
  • Suggestive noises
  • People following me around yelling “smack”
  • To be fair, once, when I was jogging with Kris, someone did yell at us. They asked if I was going to tie his shoes (wtf?!)

At least they inappropriately signal their attraction to me instead of calling me fat? Personally, I find this odd as I spent most of my time running being rather overweight, and this seems to be a common experience. Perhaps I’ll know I’m a real runner when someone finally informs me that I am super duper fat. Ugh.


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