Weighing In

You might have noticed that I have been absent for the past few days. Apologies for that, I have been quite busy and I am just now getting the chance to “weigh in.” (I might love puns too much). My parents had come to visit for the holiday weekend and then on the 8th Kris had surgery. Don’t worry, it was fairly minor – he had a cyst in his pituitary that had been there probably his whole life but was beginning to cause some complications that may have lead to long-term health problems, so it needed to be taken care of. In fact, the surgery turned out better than expected! They had originally thought that the cyst was a tumor, so the surgery took far less time than we originally thought it would. Plus, we got two surgeries for the price of one (not that we are paying for it – thanks, government job)! Apparently he had a deviated septum that we did not know about (they went in through his nose) and they fixed it while they were in there. I’m just hoping it will result in him snoring less 😉

Now, because of this busy-ness, I ate terribly. I did follow my tips for having a healthy cookout and managed to stay within my calorie range and eat relatively healthfully one day during the holiday weekend (it probably helped that I went for a 5 mile run…). I don’t really regret the choices I made, though, and here is why:

  • Kris and I impulse bought peanut butter donuts at a giant flea/farmer’s market thing (Where we also bought our first flowerpots ever. I am NOT kidding. EVER!). These were super fresh and good and I could have probably fit the donut in my diet had I not had so many sides with my lunch that day (burgers with fresh beef and hot pepper cheese from a different farmer’s market).
  • On Thursday, I had planned on eating one relatively unhealthy meal at the local 4th of July festival, but I had planned on eating it as my dinner after a healthy lunch. Instead, it turned out that we went down there for lunch and then out for Mexican for dinner! I did not regret the festival food one bit, though. For some reason, the stand was selling a mix of Mexican and Greek food so we ate chicken fajitas topped with nacho cheese and greek salad (like cucumbers and feta and stuff). It sounds WTF but it was AWESOME.
  • On Friday, my parents insisted on keeping with the loose tradition that Kris and I have of “pizza Friday” and we got Mediterranean pizza from our local pizza place for the first time ever, and it was among the best pizzas I have ever had. It was basically a white pizza with olives, tomatoes, and feta. Hmm, maybe I should start taking more pics of my food….
  • Additionally, I stayed pretty active this whole time. Kris and I went for a 4 mile hike Thursday morning, I went running almost every day, and we did plenty of walking at the flea/farmer’s markets.

I only really regret how I ate the day of Kris’s surgery. The last time that he had surgery (far more serious, and a story for another time) I really overate out of stress but this time I KNEW it was not going to be that bad but I still let myself “eat more because this was sooooo stressful.” In retrospect, I could have controlled myself more. I had multiple caramel mochas; a bacon, egg, and cheese bagel; a cookie; and a bbq bacon burger with fries AFTER eating bacon ranch nachos as an appetizer. And these were just the worst choices that day…not everything is listed! Yuck!

Still, I appreciate weeks like this where I don’t keep my eating perfectly in line because it reminds me of something. Even after going on vacation, “gaining” a few pounds (up to my normal weight), then only having a few days of normal eating before going back into unhealthy mode, after returning to normal eating only yesterday and today (and might I add that I am experiencing some lady-bloating) I am STILL at my goal weight (I weighed 126 this morning). Remember: eating 250 calories over goal every day for a week should only cause a half-pound “real” gain, which is about what scenario I am in. Yes, I am sure that on the day with burritos, ice cream, and pizza (I failed to discuss the burrito and ice cream…) that I “weighed” a lot more, but that was water weight, not REAL weight! Keep long term weights in mind and remember that weight fluctuates before freaking out and thinking you gained 10 lbs after a vacation 🙂

Now, I am thinking of trying out a few new recipes since Kris and I will be home together all week, so I’ll have to let you know if the overeating eventually does catch up, especially with my birthday next week! I’m thinking of making either a red velvet or snickerdoodle cheesecake, and I’m having a hard time deciding whether I’m going to make Kris go buy me some super fancy peanut butter ice cream cake or make one myself for my last birthday before I’m allowed to start having quarter life-crises.

Now, before I disappear for a week again (just kidding, I should be back to normal now), I wanted to share a link that I saw on reddit this morning and found interesting, especially in relation to last week’s discussion of eating “natural” foods: How Junk Food Can End Obesity. If you don’t want to read the article I linked (it is long), the author discusses the false notion that something unprocessed and natural is inherently healthier. In his words, the studies that compare people who eat a more whole/raw/unprocessed diet to people who do the opposite compares people eating apples to people eating Big Macs, not people eating grass-fed beef on homemade buns to people eating Big Macs, leading to the idea that such a diet is healthier for you, when in fact, your body has no way of distinguishing between the fat in the two types of beef. I think he makes a lot of interesting points that I did not articulate very well or did not even bother to mention. For example, I really like his focus on fast food restaurants – McDonald’s is still one of my favorite places to eat because honestly, I can find TONS of perfectly healthy options with clear calorie counts there.


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