Foods on Fridays

Sorry for skipping out on this last week – I think I made up for it talking about all of the wonderful things that I ate in my post “Weighing In.” I am glad to say that after that “weekend” (more like 5 days) of being off track with my eating, despite the confidence boost I earned from not gaining any weight, I have been able to get right back on track with my eating now that my days have gone back to “normal.” We’ve been eating blueberry pancakes for breakfast; leftovers or sandwiches for lunch; fruits, veggies, or cheese for snacks; and mostly healthy home-cooked meals for dinner. Yay! Tonight we will probably have pizza Friday, but unless I take a REALLY long run, I might order a smaller pizza so that I can still have a slice of my cheesecake.

Speaking of the cheesecake, I promised an update on how it went. It went okay. I think I could have mixed it better, but that was more the fault of my broken stand mixer (it is a 5 year old $15 mixer that has decided that it only goes one speed and the bowl does not spin…I’ve been meaning to drag my late grandmother’s Kitchenaid down here but keep forgetting to grab it every time I go to visit my family). Also, it turned out a little crooked but I think my house (and therefore my oven) is crooked. There. I have now successfully blamed all problems on things except for me. I promise I have made much better cheesecakes (let’s pretend they weren’t using the same equipment so I can still blame the equipment)!

Right after I removed the side of the springform pan – you can see that the cake is a little lopsided here. You can also start to see that not all of the cream cheese mixed in super well. Also, excuse the cheap coffee. I promise that Kris is the only one who buys that. I just can’t bring myself to spend on different coffee when it’s already here.

The top also got a few cracks in it 😦 I must have overcooked it a little (you can see how thick the crispy layer is in the previous photo) – I was surprised, considering that all of the reviews said that the baking time suggested was like 45 minutes too short, and I did not leave it in for any extra time and cooked it at the correct temperatures!


Looks better with the cream cheese frosting!



An actual slice – here you can see how poorly it mixed 😦 I really need to procure that Kitchenaid….

I’ve been eating more than dessert, though! Last week I mentioned that I was going to try to trick my family into eating healthy bbq food, and I did. My dad is one of those types that won’t eat “health foods” but will eat foods that are not necessarily bad for him if they are not labeled as health food (I hope you get what mean there). When they bought us our “grill” (it’s really a firepit with a charcoal rack…) for Christmas, they also bought us a cookbook with a bunch of different grilling recipes, and I decided to make “BBQ Shrimp on Pineapple Planks.” This was great, because as you can see, each skewer is only 135 calories, but my dad loves shrimp, bbq sauce, and pineapple, so basically everyone loved this recipe! I would highly recommend this – it tastes great and doesn’t have any weird “health food” ingredients so it is something good to serve if you don’t want to seem like you are trying to push your healthy food on people while not being stuck overindulging yourself. It was also fairly simple to make. We had this with corn on the cob and a broccoli/cranberry/mandarin orange/cashew salad that my mom found at the farmer’s market (my dad might have eaten macaroni salad instead). I guess we still did have dessert – farm fresh peaches over vanilla ice cream! Yum!

While my parents were here, I did find one not-so-unhealthy snack that I had forgotten about – popcorn! They of course bought the super buttery kind, but once I run out of it I’ll probably get some plain stuff and put my own toppings on it. I used to not really like popcorn, but it’s grown on me (which I find ironic, as my job at Target was essentially to sell popcorn and Icees to small children all day. I still do not really like Icees). Popcorn is great because you get a huge volume for not very many calories, and it satisfies the sugary/salty/cheesy cravings (depending on what you top it with). So I’ll probably be on a popcorn kick for a bit, now. At least it’s better than ice cream, which is my typical summer snack :/



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