Strange Saturday

Today is Saturday, but it doesn’t really feel like it, because with Kris being home all week, it’s felt like Saturday every day! I’m actually starting to get really bored…I’m at a point in my summer work from home job where there is a lull (we are trying to decide where to send our article to be considered for publication, and then probably won’t hear much for a while once we’ve found a place) and I should probably be doing my own work, but now that it is the “real” weekend, I’ve been telling myself I can put that off until Monday :/

I haven’t been doing NOTHING at all, though. Yesterday I had to take poor Belle to the vet. She does pretty well at the vet but yesterday was a big day – 3 shots, bloodwork, and nail trimming (Kris and I normally do it ourselves, but they tend to do it while she is there if they are longish)! It was all pretty much good news – her tests for things like heartworms came back negative and a tooth that she broke the other day will not need to be removed as long as it does not become infected. I am especially glad about the tooth – she once had a rotting tooth, and the same day that I noticed it, it broke while we were playing it and our appointment to “get it looked at” turned into a very expensive pulling of said tooth.

She broke this most recent tooth having a panic attack during a thunderstorm. This is the fourth time she has caused herself a fairly major injury due to a panic attack. In the last year, she has broken through an AC accordion and run away, leading to numerous bumps and bruises (she has tried this many times, but mostly just gets stuck); broken a nail trying to claw through the doors and windows of a room; and eaten part of a door trying to escape. The door incident led to us going beyond training and to anxiety medication for her. She has always had a mild case of separation anxiety, but after we moved from our one bedroom apartment into this big house (it is a 3 bedroom house with a full basement) last summer, it went into overdrive. I just don’t think she can feel safe in such a big, noisy house (to be fair, the first week we had her, she did run away by jumping through a window screen during a storm, but she was fine and recovered very quickly). We have not abandoned training, either – this most recent incident occurred while she was in a kennel, which is pretty much the number one suggested approach for treating separation anxiety! The vet prescribed us some sedatives to give her in preparation for thunderstorms (she has a thundershirt and she doesn’t care), but I’m really nervous about using them, as in his words “they will turn her into a zombie for 6 hours.” I just wish there was a way to help her through training alone 😦 Belle should feel lucky anyway – I just read in a magazine that on average, pet owners spend only 40 minutes a day with their dogs! I spend at least that much time walking her on most days! Maybe they don’t count moments like this as spending time with their pets, though:

I promise I was “spending time” with Belle, by petting her while I played Candy Crush Saga and she did this. Maybe zombifying her won’t make much of a difference, after all…

We also had pizza Friday last night, even though it wasn’t really the end of a hard work week or anything for us. I had run 5 miles so I was able to eat both pizza and cheesecake (oh, and to get in my weekly miles…). I did opt for a medium Mediterranean veggie instead of something huge and covered in “bad” ingredients, though, so at least there is that! I was actually somewhat pleased with my run yesterday. You may have noticed that I have not been blogging about running much, and it has been for good reason – this humidity sucks! It’s not even the heat, or I could cool myself off to help – it’s that I can’t breathe this disgusting air! I have still been running, but I’ve been so disappointed in my performance that I don’t even like to think about it – I had been running close to 25 minute 5ks, and now I’m barely squeaking them in under 30! Even though I KNOW logically it is from the humidity, I can’t help but to feel it is because I’m being too lazy or something. Yuck. Yesterday it was in the 70s and low humidity, though, so my run went MUCH better. I felt like crap the first 15-20 minutes, thinking “oh, I am barely doing a 9 minute mile and my knee hurts and I could just stop at 30 minutes” but I kept on going and eventually got into a groove and got my pace below 9 minutes per mile. It wasn’t my best 5 mile time ever (something like 42 minutes) but it was nowhere near my worst (which I think was just last week). And here is a picture of said pizza, as, after mentioning it the last time I ate it, I regretted not taking a photo to share the BEST PIZZA EVER.

Just look at all that feta! The one problem with local pizza places though is small inconsistencies…I swear when we got this last week it had white sauce instead of marinara. Oh well, still amazing!

This morning, for our actual “Saturday” Kris and I went to a flea market/bake sale that was being held in this one fancy-ish area of town. I was very glad that he was feeling well enough to go, though I think that and a walk with Belle really wiped him out (he is still doing far better than the last few days, in which he took approximately 1 walk followed by a multi-hour nap). They didn’t really have anything good, though. It was mostly just old glassware and clothes that wouldn’t fit us (or didn’t have sizes). There were some wall-hanging type things that might have been nice but it was kind of rainy and a lot of people had them sitting in the wet grass, so I was afraid they would be ruined. Either that or it was too expensive. For example, we saw a scuffed up outdoor decoration that we thought Kris’s mom might like, but it was $25! I could buy a brand new thing like it at any store for that cost or less. The only things we found were some homemade treats for Belle and a new leather collar for her ($3!!). Oh, I lied – we also got some homemade treats for us. I may have had cookies and brownies for breakfast followed by cheesecake and yogurt for lunch. Don’t worry, I’ll make us a healthy dinner (maybe). I’ve been under my calorie goal most of the week, so I’m not too terribly concerned about it, though I did feel pretty gross after eating all that from being too full of sugar :/

I also went for a long-ish (for me) bike ride this afternoon of just under 9 miles. My original goal was 10-12 miles (two loops of a just over 5 mile route) but I scaled it back after getting out there and remembering that I haven’t actually done any riding in 2 weeks and my legs were already feeling it after like 10 minutes! This was my first time trying out padded shorts (I just got a liner to wear under my running shorts or like for if I’m wearing a skirt), and they worked really well – I couldn’t even feel the seat until about mile 6 (and then it promptly started to hurt). I am really going to need to get a water bottle carrier as well – there is a fountain in our park, but I like to have water when I really want it, not just when it is available. I was very happy with this ride – when I first went out, I wasn’t feeling very confident, but after a bit of warming up, I started to do pretty well! I even got very close to hitting 15 mph (4:10 mile)! Since I decided to cut my ride short, I decided to challenge myself in another way as well – practicing road riding. I purposefully crossed the street at a place where I would have to cross 2 “big” (but not currently that busy) intersections and then have to ride down my street for about 5 blocks, stopping at stop signs at each intersection. I was then able to practice looking over my shoulder (I can actually turn and look, and not just whip my head to the side for a second and pretend I did it); using hand signals; stopping and starting; and pedaling while standing up (I literally have not done this since childhood, and I think I only did it then if being made fun of for my poor biking skills to shut up the other kids). I even took my hand off the handlebars to itch 2 times without dying today!

Hopefully Kris and I can both get back to work soon and my weekends will return to normal. And hopefully the weather will be nice enough for a satisfying rather than frustrating long run tomorrow – today was humidity of over 90%, again.


4 thoughts on “Strange Saturday

    • Thanks! We have one (thundershirt) and it has not seemed to help. I think the main problem with it is that we aren’t really sure of the best way to use it – do we put it on before panic attacks to prevent them, or during to end them? Perhaps I could look more closely into how to train dogs by using it… I have heard they work really well (the vet even recommended it yesterday) but I dismissed it after it failed to calm her the first few times we put it on.

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