Running in the Summer Heat

As I mentioned yesterday, I hate running in the summer.  In both of the places that I live, summers are unbearably hot and humid (slightly worse in PA, though).

In fact, I must have started whining about it sometime this spring because in May (when it had just started to get hot) I got this as a present from my roommate. It is a towel that claims to make you feel as though it is 20 degrees cooler outside! Most days I have avoided running when it is both hot and humid, trying to minimize my misery, and this means I am normally stuck with humid rather than hot, because there isn’t a way to wake up before the humidity and go for a run – just the heat. For some reason, I didn’t wake up until 8 this morning, though, which is highly unusual for me (usually up between 6-7, even on weekends). I then had to make breakfast and eat it and let it digest a bit before heading out for my planned 8 mile run, so I didn’t get out there until after 10! Therefore, it was well over 80 degrees when I went out, and the humidity was fairly high (though not as high as it has been some days). It has been this hot and humid for a few of my other runs, but I kept forgetting to try out the towel until today. I must say that I really liked it! It definitely did not keep me feeling as though it was 20 degrees cooler, but the towel did stay cool for my entire run (which became just over 7 miles… I was feeling quite terrible during the middle of my run and turned around a little early). This was nice because it did not feel hot and heavy laying on my shoulders (I was slightly afraid it would) like a normal towel would have, and though it didn’t really seem to cool me while holding it like that, it was cool and refreshing to use to wipe my sweat off periodically. Also, because it is meant to be wrung out, the sweat wrung out quite easily and it stayed damp rather than becoming soggy. I would highly recommend substituting this for a normal towel, but I won’t say it keeps you cool – it just stays cool, unlike a normal towel.

Today’s run also convinced me to finally go out and buy a running hat. I have been putting it off and putting it off because I “don’t really need one” and I don’t particularly like wearing hats, but the sun was just miserable in my eyes today and my sweat was dripping into them SO MUCH. I was able to pick up this lovely bright orange one at Marshall’s for $9.99 (not much less than Amazon price, but you should see the price on the Saucony site)! Kris was glad that it was bright orange and reflective as it will help the cars to see me better – I was just glad he was mildly worried about my running safety! I never really noticed that he doesn’t worry about  me when I’m out running that much until I started going out on solo bike rides – for some reason he is very concerned about my welfare then. Anyway, I will have to update on the hat’s performance at a later date, because I haven’t’ had a chance to use it yet. It will probably be later this week, as the forecast is sunny and in the 90s for EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

One final comment on running in the summer heat – any suggestions for sunscreens? I’ve tried two versions of Banana Boat that purport to be water resistant for up to 2 hours, but I keep sweating them off and it’s super gross. I’m also guessing it is not actually protecting me from the sun as it runs off my body, therefore defeating its purpose. So far I’ve tried Banana Boat Natural Reflect (I just happened to have some laying around) and Banana Boat Baby (I bought this one because I couldn’t find the Natural Reflect one and I prefer sunscreens that use “oxides” as their active ingredient). Perhaps I should try a sports one, but I really don’t like sunscreens that use oxybenzone, and most of those do, and a lot of them are sprays, which are not as effective. Any suggestions here would be helpful!

Oh, and one thing that is completely unrelated to running in the heat. Kris actually wanted to venture out of the house today to go out for lunch, and he really wanted a burger, but a lot of the local places only serve brunch on Sundays, so we went to Red Robin. They had this little computer thing that you could use to order drinks (and ask for drink refills), apps, and desserts. You could also use it to pay. We weren’t sure whether it was the new system or just this place, but the place was really chaotic – we got our appetizer after our food! Also, our waitress was fast enough that we didn’t really need to use it to order anything (though we didn’t know what it was when we sat down or we could have like ordered drinks, I guess). She came up to give us the check just as we had decided to use it to pay in order to see how it worked. We also weren’t sure what to think of it – as past restaurant employees, we were slightly concerned it would take away jobs from servers. I pointed out that they would still need to bring everything out, and it might lead to people ordering more things. For example, if I had decided that I really did want a Blue Moon milkshake (I was already eating enough terrible stuff, so I did not indulge), I could have simply typed it into there rather than waiting for our server to come back. If she was a slow/crappy server, this may have helped her, as I may have decided against the milkshake thinking it had been too long and I’d have to wait and then by the time I got it it would be time to leave (happens to me a lot). I’ll have to see if they start popping up elsewhere…


2 thoughts on “Running in the Summer Heat

    • Thanks!

      And yeah, I have a normal little bath towel and it would have been WAY gross by the end, so I was very glad for the “xtreme cooling towel.” I will probably always use these instead of normal towels since they stay cool and retain the proper amount of moisture (don’t dry out or become grossly sweaty).

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