Foods on Fridays

Other than on my birthday (yesterday), during which I may have consumed half of an ice cream cake (to be fair I became confused because it had 6 marks on the box indicating where to cut the cake, so I assumed 1/6 of a cake was a 170 calorie serving, so I thought I was eating 3×170 calories…when in fact the listed serving size was 1/11 of the cake, wtf), I have done really well food-wise this week. I’m probably not going to stick to my diet very well this weekend, as I’m going out of town to go to a wedding, but honestly I’m not that worried because my weight is still ultra low (122 yesterday :/) and the dress I’m planning on wearing is just a teensy bit too big.

The unhealthy cake and Mexican that I had for lunch is balanced by this healthy sushi dinner, right?

I also tried 2 new recipes this week in an attempt to use up the buttermilk that is still sitting in my fridge from when I made the cheesecake.

The chicken recipe I found by googling something to the effect of “healthy buttermilk recipes.” I used chicken breast tenderloins to make them more like chicken tenders and left out the egg – the breadcrumbs (I didn’t have panko, only whole wheat bread crumbs) stuck to the chicken just fine as it had been marinating in buttermilk for hours. I would highly recommend this – it is incredibly easy (marinate in buttermilk and spices; roll in breadcrumbs; bake) and it was sooooo good that I made it TWICE! You might have to adjust the amount of breadcrumbs you use and baking time based on how much/what type of chicken you use. I used like half of the recommended breadcrumbs and baked for 20 minutes instead of 30, for example (to make 2-3 chicken tenders each, depending on tender size).

The coffee cake was also incredible – I cut it into 8 pieces but we ended up eating 2 pieces each at a time, so I really should have only cut it into 4 pieces (that would have been just over 300 calories per serving as I made it). I did alter a few things in the recipe – for example, I used Greek yogurt instead of butter in order to use up my yogurt, and I used a lemon glaze instead of a butter-vanilla glaze (can you tell I am almost out of butter?). I also used sugar substitute instead of real sugar. Note: I also had to adjust baking time on this recipe, though I can’t remember how much. I just remember I checked it and it was brown on the edges and the center was set so I pulled it out.

The only problem with this cake?


Click Image for Source


All of the glaze like…soaked in?

It looks slightly better on a plate.


Oh, and unfortunately no updates on how well the GPS watch is working. I’m still having trouble saving my activities – I think I keep deleting them accidentally instead 😦



6 thoughts on “Foods on Fridays

  1. Thanks for trying my cake recipe – lots of tweaks from the sugar substitute to the Greek yogurt instead of butter in the batter to the shape/size of pan – but sounds like it still worked and you were happy the way it tasted!

    • It was really great, and such an easy to follow recipe! Thanks for sharing it with the internet!

      Next time I make it, I will probably make it in round baking dish. It is just very shallow and I was afraid it would be too shallow. I expect the slight difference in texture came from the butter/yogurt switch.

    • If you are ever happen to be hungry in Harrisburg (though I’m sure it makes far more sense for you to buy sushi in your own town), this is at Miso on Jonestown Road. They are one of the best sushi places I have ever been to – I’ve tried their boring rolls, speciality rolls, as well as their normal sushi/sashimi and I’ve never been disappointed. They are reasonably priced as well (not the cheapest nor the most expensive sushi place I have ever been to). Also, sometimes, if you order enough sushi, they bring it out on a boat!

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