What a Weekend!

I have returned from a long weekend out of town! Rather than reflect on my poor food choices (pizza! wedding cake! vodka and cranberry juice in mason jars! large size McDonald’s!) let us focus on, well… anything else. In my defense, I asked Kris to order me only a large (diet) soda and leave the fries medium, but he large sized them to make it “easier.” In his defense, he fed the difference between the large and medium size to the dog and apparently expected me to do the same instead of eat them all. BUT HOW COULD I NOT EAT THEM ALL?!

Anyway, on to the story of my weekend!

It was a dark and stormy night…no, seriously, right when we wanted to leave town on Friday, it started to storm. Like, really really really really badly. The first indication was when a tiny branch fell on my car and a larger one fell directly behind it (I may have spent the whole storm watching my car to make sure it did not get crushed after this). Then came the hail. Then the tree fell, blocking one end of our street. Belle was freaking out the whole time, of course, because I had failed to give her one of the sedatives, because the storm didn’t look “that bad” on the radar. Usually I’m not that wrong about storms! Then, when we decided to make a run for it and leave during a lull in the storm, our neighbor was like “hey did you know your back door fell off?” Ugh. Luckily, it was just the screen door, so Kris put it down on the ground where it wouldn’t fall over and break and we were able to leave anyway.

Lots of trees fell in the park, too. This one is cleaned up now, but it wasn’t on Monday, so I wasn’t really able to run…or at least that’s my excuse, ok?

The tree that fell on my street – it is still laying there. At least it was pushed from the road to the sidewalk.

In case you are wondering, here is the sedated Belle during a thunderstorm. The meds worked well for their purpose, but she was still high WAY more than 6 hours later. Like so high she peed the bed. I might halve the recommended dosage (the vet said to adjust as needed).

Then, on Saturday, we went to a wedding. Kris’s roommate (and friend) from college was getting married! I mean, because he lived with Kris, I knew him as well, but he is most accurately described in this manner. We were a little nervous about the wedding because we had a falling out with some of the people in that friend group in like 2009 (when they graduated from college) and we had not seen them since. As soon as we saw them again, though, everything was fine, and it was actually really nice to see all of them! Overall, we had a really nice time at this wedding. It was held on a farm, so it had that Pintersty-rusticy thing going on, but since you know, it was actually on a farm, that worked really well. THERE WAS ALSO A PAIR OF GOLDEN RETRIEVERS WITH PUPPIES. I am now requiring every wedding I attend to include an entire dog family or I will review it negatively.

My immediate seating area captures all of the “rustic” elements. I think because there were few and they fit well it seemed nice rather than Pinteresty. Plus, they had smores. Who could dislike smores!? Oh, and you can also see that I finished my salad, so it was okay to eat a smore, right?

Plus look how smokin’ hot Kris and I are in our pre-wedding hotel room selfie. This didn’t last long. For some inexplicable reason, these clothes are now covered in spilled alcohol.

Sunday was mostly spent driving and resting – first a 2 hour drive from the hotel to my parents’ to get Belle, then a 3.5 hour drive from my parents’ to our house. Yuck! At least Kris was off his pain meds and able to split the driving with me. Then, I was so exhausted on Monday still from basically staying up all night on Saturday that I didn’t feel like working out. This was ok in terms of eating, because I was also so bloated from all of the food that I had no desire to eat anything extra, but when I was finally able to head out for a run today, my body was displeased. Apparently I cannot take more than 2 days off of running without my legs rebelling against me. They were sore the whole time, which made tonight’s short (only 4.5 miles) bike ride I took with Kris to test out whether he is well enough to bike commute again feel terrible (even more sore than normal).

At least I won’t be taking any time off of running for awhile, now – training for the Purdue half marathon on October 19th starts next week!! I am planning out on starting out with the intermediate version of the training plan I did last time (Hal Higdon) and if it is too difficult/time consuming I will fall back to the novice level. It will definitely take some getting used to – I will be incorporating speedwork and tempo runs for the first time! I mean, I used to do these in track like a million years ago but now I will be doing them without a coach and a whistle to guide me. It will help once I am back at school and have treadmills to use, or if I could figure out my GPS watch. I finally figured out how to put it in the right time zone and enter my correct age today! I also sort of figured out how to save activities, but messed up on both my run and my ride, so I only have data from my short walk with Belle. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll figure it out soon. I have a master’s degree, after all, so I must be really smart at these sorts of things, right? (Wrong. I am only smart at things that have nothing to do with technology or physical coordination, which makes GPS watches for running basically a foreign language to me).


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