I Don’t do Technical Things

I FINALLY figured out my GPS watch. Well, I figured it out enough to record exactly one actual running activity on it, anyway. The data it shows me is pretty nifty!

Workout Summary!

Mile Splits!


Now that I’ve figured it out, though, I do have a couple of concerns. First of all, it seems to be reporting that my heart rate is super high – I mean look at that average heart rate (I believe that as a 24 year old my max should be 196)! It also kept telling me that I was hitting my max heart rate. I’m not sure if I actually am, or if the device is inaccurate. Also, if I am, I’m having a difficult time finding out from Google if that’s dangerous. The basic result on there is that as long as I don’t have a heart condition, I should be ok (maybe). The high heart rate makes me worried that something is wrong with my heart, though (or maybe that is just my worrying nature showing through). I think I should talk to a doctor, but I have a long track record of doctors dismissing my concerns or even outright accusing me of making them up. It’s normally in the form of “There isn’t anything that wrong with you why are you here?,” but it has been as bad as “Where did you get diagnosed with allergies and asthma? Because I don’t see you having trouble breathing right now (in a cool room with filtered air while sitting calmly while on asthma and allergy medication…).” He seriously called the other doctor’s office to make sure I wasn’t lying before ordering me an inhaler refill. Now do you see why I worry that if I, a young, healthy woman, were to walk into my doctor’s office (not the same doctor, I never saw that guy again) and said “when I run long distances my heart beats fast do you think my heart is messed up” that I imagine they’d just laugh me out of the office? I swear the only doctors that have ever treated me like a normal person are my current ob/gyn and Kris’s neurosurgeon (and I’m only his patients’ caretaker!!!).

Sorry about the rant. As you can tell, mentioning the doctor obviously upsets me.

So, on to my second (potentially related) concern with the watch: it tells me I am burning WAY more calories than MyFitnessPal and Runkeeper (the app I had been using to keep track of running and now just use to store my .gpx files). You see, I have always been afraid that these two are overestimating the amount of calories that I burn – 2 minutes on the MFP forums and you will be bombarded with people saying that the counts are inaccurate and that the only way to ever lose weight is to have a heart rate monitor and weigh everything you eat or you might eat 23 extra calories and then you will gain back all 115 lbs (ok, this might be an exaggeration of what they are saying). I have always managed to keep my weight going in the direction I wanted it to on the basis of me eyeballing/half-assed measuring portions and using the calories burnt estimates, though, so I figured that for some reason this was accurate enough for me and getting a heart rate monitor would not produce drastically different estimates. However, yesterday, after my run, when I entered it into MFP it said I burnt like 354 calories and my watch said around 500! To be fair, the watch was including all the calories from my warm up and cool down, but still, that is maybe like 50 calories, not 150! Kris suggested that I have been underestimating calories burnt from running this whole time and this is why I have been having trouble keeping my weight up (I started trying to be in maintenance last year at 140lbs, dropped down to 127 accidentally, then tried to hover around 127 and ended up hovering around 125 with more days on the low end of hovering). Still, even if I have been slightly underestimating, I think 500 for 3.6 miles of running about ~half a mile of walking is an overestimate when they say the average person burns about 100 calories per mile run (I don’t remember how much on average for walking…I’m guessing like 80?). The only thing I can think is that it says I am burning SO many calories because of the high heart rate, but I don’t know if I trust that heart rate. I wish I wasn’t so confused and frustrated over this.

Now, of course that I have conquered the technical problem of operating my watch (though I obviously have not tackled its interpretation), I find myself faced with a new technical problem: my bicycle. I got a large-ish sum of birthday money to put towards swag for it, and most of it arrived yesterday (still waiting on panniers and a bell, and the bell is what I probably needed most). I installed the water bottle cage and headlight with  no problem, but the rear rack that I ordered, despite being “universal” is not going to fit. Behold:

At least my living is clean enough for me to present it on the internet without cleaning it! There is one win for today, at least. Unless I am supposed to be embarrassed by the tissue boxes I never put away. Oh, and if you don’t know what the problem is, those long silvery supports need to be connected to the frame by the screws clear down behind that pink part of my seat post. Ouch.

I asked some people on r/bicycling for suggestions, and I was basically told to

a) not believe that I could possibly safely haul anything on a bike with such shitty geometry even though it was obviously designed for that (you know, with the built in holes for a rack and all)

b) return my crappy $25 rack and go buy the same one at 2x the price at a local bike shop where they could install it for me because why am I a mean person who hates local bike shops

To be fair, I am putting some words in their mouths, but this is pretty much the elitist attitude of cyclists that I was expecting when I submitted to there, and they didn’t prove me wrong. I wish there was a non-elitist non-sexist subreddit about cycling that I could go to (to be fair, I once messaged the mods about something really really blatantly sexist and against website policy and they removed it without question). The only realistic advice I got was to attach it to the seat post using the support for that reflector, which is what I am going to try next (I am replacing the reflector with a tail light). Still, if anyone has any other suggestions, such as other racks that are not $1 million and will hold at least 40 lbs, that would be awesome!

Sorry for all that ranting. That was a really negative post. Here is a pitbull with a bucket party hat on its head:


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