Foods on Fridays

Crap, I almost forgot to do foods on Fridays because I forgot it was Friday!

To be fair, I had a fairly hectic day. This morning Kris had to leave early for work, and due to the change in routine I forgot to give Belle her anxiety medication. She was behaving completely normally, though, so I had no reminder that if I left she would turn into a demon-dog, and set out for a 5 mile run. It was pathetically slow, despite the beautiful weather, but enjoyable. My heart rate was still obnoxiously high, so I’d hate to see what it is when I am actually running at my normal speed!

Anyway, due to the lack of anxiety meds, I came home to this site:

She was able to pull the door inwards because she somehow lodged the cage against the dresser (it is normally like 5 feet away from it) and then some plastic in the door frame that she had chewed finally broke. She seems to be in good health, though, unlike last time where she shattered a tooth.


This sort of sent me into a panic mode and then I was stressed out the rest of the day. Then, Kris and I got some pizza (just the same Mediterranean veggie) and took Belle for a 2 mile walk. It was still a little hot so she got lazy and laid down so we sat with her for awhile.

Then, we came home to put the finishing touches on my bike! I decided to just attach the rack to the seatpost using the clamp from my rear reflector. I now have a water bottle cage (and new, insulated Camelbak); headlight and taillight with multiple modes (and the headlight illuminates in front of and beside me); a bell (legally required, though I imagine I will still be endlessly shouting “on your left”, and it isn’t pictured because I need a longer screw for it); a rack; and panniers. Hopefully these panniers work well. I will probably use them mostly to transport my gym gear and lunchbox – I still plan on carrying a backpack due to my laptop (laptop panniers were WAY too expensive and not multi-functional enough for me). They are really big and waterproof, though, have a shoulder strap for easy carrying, and seem to be sturdily attached.

Ready to go!


Wow, they really weren’t kidding about the reflective elements on the panniers, were they?

Oh crap, now I started writing this post when I came to the horrible realization that as of 10 pm I had not yet written it, but I haven’t actually talked about food. Again, I have an excuse. You see, on top of my busy day, I decided about an hour ago that I was going to drink half a bottle of wine because I had a ton of calories left and didn’t want to ask Kris to go out for ice cream three days in a row (I went by myself yesterday, and I bet I can convince him tomorrow when we go bike riding if the weather holds up).

I’m drinking the wine out of this incredibly swanky wine glass I got for free from my sad, bankrupt city.


Ok, now on to the real reason that I haven’t talked about food. I ate nothing exciting this week. Seriously. Here was basically what I ate everyday:

  • Yogurt with fruit and granola or blueberry pancakes for breakfast
  • PB&J sandwiches with rice cakes and fruit for lunch
  • Boring snacks. Cheese, crackers, peanut butter, fruit, carrots, hummus, etc.
  • Steak + potato + vegetable for dinner. The grocery store had bogo steaks so I got like 5 lbs of steak for $12. I guess I made spaghetti one night?
  • ICE CREAM for dessert.
  • Oh, I did try the highly praised cookie dough Quest bar. I still don’t really like them. Like, they don’t taste bad, but unless I decide to low-carb it, I’m going to stick with my Clif bars that taste like amazing instead of like sand with good flavoring.

At least I’m under my calorie goal for the week. I’ll try to be more exciting while sticking to my diet next week instead of just making the same old same old and then blogging about it while tipsy while I sit around on the internet on a Friday night like an old married woman whose dog can’t be left alone for 10 seconds.

Note: to be fair to Belle, after I gave her some meds and let her calm down, I did head out to the farmers’ market and she did not manage to injure herself during this outing. OH! The farmers’ market! That involves food! I got the following things there for like $15:

  • Fancy grape jelly.
  • A pint of cherries. I feel bad because I don’t remember the difference between a pint and a quart and they had prices up for both so I asked the lady if the little box was a pint and I think she thought I was complaining about the fullness of the pint and threw extra cherries in.
  • Like 2 lbs. of sweet potatoes for 75 cents a pound!
  • Green beans.
  • Habenero cheddar cheese! Yay spicy things!
  • Also, because I promised myself I wouldn’t split another $20, I avoided the gigantic and amazing looking red velvet cupcakes! I’m actually proud of that. I’m a sucker for baked goods at these things. Remember: I live in Amish country. These were red velvet cupcakes baked fresh by old Amish ladies. Avoiding them is a major accomplishment, ok?

Oh, and now that I fixed my bike up, I could bike there. This makes my rambling about the bike relevant to foods on Fridays, yes?


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