Foods on Fridays

Fridays are now my rest days, which is sort of weird to me. When I trained for my previous half marathon, I switched Thursday’s workout to Friday because Thursday was my busiest day of the week. This year, I don’t want to do that, though, because I have two hard days in a row on the weekend and want my rest before and after. I guess I’ll just have to get used to not eating a ton on Friday 😦 Speaking of workouts, though, yesterday’s attempt at strength training without a gym went ok. In the park where I run, they have these little stations intended for strength and stretching exercises. Example:

This thing is for stretching your hamstring and achilles.

What I decided to do was run like the first two miles of my three mile run and then workout at each of these stations while jogging between them. My “pace” for my last mile was terrible because of all the starting up and stopping (it takes time to get going and to slow down), but I felt like it was a half-decent workout. My abs hurt, at least. Some of the stations, like bench dips and this thing where you have to vault yourself over a fence-like thing with your upper body were actually quite difficult. I wish they would do something to make the benches more comfortable, though (they are made of metal) – I have a giant bruise on my lower back from doing crunches! This was a fun new thing to try, but I will be glad to return to weights!

I also signed up for a race yesterday! I’ve been looking for some short-ish races to do throughout the fall as the training program I am using calls for me to do a few. As luck would have it, a friend emailed me yesterday about running a race together on one my needed race days! I had overlooked it because it is a “trail marathon,” and I have never run a marathon let alone one on a trail, but she told me that you can actually sign up to do a race as short as a quarter marathon (I think this is about a 10K) so we will be running that together. I think it will be fun to have someone else there, even though we may not run together, and it will be fun to try something new. The whole thing isn’t on trails, anyway (I have actually run on part of this trail before).

I still need to find a few more races, though. For example, I am supposed to do a 5K in like 2 weeks but everything available near where I will be is a triathlon or a special theme race like the Warrior dash, which is too expensive and won’t let me really practice running at race pace. I also can’t really adjust the date because next week I am visiting relatives and the week after I am supposed to do the race I have a student government thing. I might just have to resign myself to setting up a treadmill at race pace and seeing if I can do it.

Now, on to the food! This week had numerous adventures.

It started out kind of poorly. On Sunday, I made these TERRIBLE chocolate pancakes. I am not linking the recipe because I don’t want to accidentally imply it was the recipe, because it was not the recipe, it was me. I just didn’t mix them well enough or something. They were totally gross. The rest of Sunday was a little better – we had Thai food! Yum!

Then, on Monday, I made a homemade pizza:

pepperoni, mushroom, and spinach on a whole wheat crust

It turned out quite well except that the crust really should have been used on a larger pan (I think this is 12″) and I bought button mushrooms instead of mushroom stems and pieces. I was REALLY in control and ate only 1/4 of a pizza, so this was not where the problem came in. You see, I had to eat only this much pizza because I knew we were going to the bar for trivia night and I would want 1-2 beers and a snack. I was also in control at the bar, having 1 beer, 1 cider, and splitting some chili fries. I “ended” the day at approximately 25 calories over – not too bad, considering what I’d eaten! Then, I remembered that I had been craving a one of those peanut buster parfaits from Dairy Queen, and that the sundae I’d already had that weekend had not quit the spot. We ended up going to DQ so I could get one, and it weighed in at 700 calories (which I knew ahead of time). This was a really terrible decision that I really regret, as it made me feel too full, anyway.

I also had a day where I tried to make one of those cake mug things, but again, I messed it up. The last time I tried making one (using a different recipe) it was too eggy, so this time I substituted greek yogurt for egg. This part went ok, but I didn’t put enough sweetener in, so it was too bitter with all of the unsweetened cocoa powder. I think if you used enough sweetener this would be really good, though!

Things got somewhat better after that. I made some much much better peanut butter banana pancakes for breakfast one day (normal blueberry ones all the other days). These were AMAZING and I cannot recommend them highly enough. They tasted great, had a great texture, and were easy. They aren’t low in calories, but they aren’t necessarily bad for you either. This breakfast, using sugar free syrup, was around 500 calories, so if you typically eat a bigger breakfast than I do (like 200-400) calories this would be a very good option.


The rest of my food this week was not that adventurous – again, I was just using up leftover steak from the bogo steak sale at my grocery store, and the most exciting thing I did was marinate it in BBQ sauce one day. Oh! I also made some cinnamon sugar baked sweet potato “fries.” I picked up this trick from a restaurant that serves them this way – basically, instead of putting salt on the fries, shake them in cinnamon sugar (I used Splenda) and bake them like that. They are still fry-like but sweet! It’s super delicious!

The good news is that after the DQ incident I have done amazingly with calories this week. My only setback seems to have been that I am apparently not eating enough during the day because I am RAVENOUS at night. My dinners of steak, potatoes, vegetables and beer have left me feeling so hungry I am like shaky afterwards. WTF. It’s not like I’m not snacking – I’ve been through a bag of peaches and cheesesticks this week. It’s probably just a combo of PMS and starting new training, so I’m sure I’ll get over it. At least I hope so – it makes sticking to my calorie goals SUPER difficult. Here is to hoping I can keep the calories in check over the weekend, especially with a Friday rest day!

Filling up your calories with beer is ok if there are multiple puns on the bottle, right?

Have a good weekend – I have relatives coming in so I probably won’t be on much. Here is a cute picture of my dog to help get you through.


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