Foods on Fridays

Once again, I don’t have that much to talk about because I didn’t really eat anything interesting this week. It seems like I’m on-again-off-again – one week I try nothing new, the next I have so much food to talk about that the post is long and rambling!

The only new/interesting thing I ate this week was a $5 lunch at Dairy Queen, and that is only interesting because I need to advise anyone who is trying to lose weight against it and advise all others to go get it. Seriously, it is $5 for a chili dog/chicken/some other thingy; fries; a soda; and a SUNDAE. Therefore, it is either amazing or highly dangerous. You decide.

I guess the only other mildly interesting thing about my food this week was that I ate a lot of red meat – I bought hamburgers that were on sale for 50% off (it was their sell by date) when my parents were coming in and froze them so that they wouldn’t go bad. Then, my parents didn’t want to eat at my house so I had to eat them myself. I made cheeseburgers for Kris and myself one night and then ate two leftover burgers over the course of a couple of days cut up into some baked beans for lunch. This is only interesting because when I was a kid I LOVED cheeseburgers. Like, I would always eat a second one and like try to scrape as much of the little greasy and cheesy bits that fall off into the pan onto my bun as possible. I don’t dislike them now, and there are times when I crave a big, juicy burger (I sometimes get them at restaurants), but my super love of them, and especially of their grease, is apparently gone. I actually got kind of grossed out at how greasy they were, in fact! Now if only my opinion on pastries could change…

Calorie-wise, my week was meh. I went over about 200 calories a couple days and under about 200 calories a couple days. My weight has also returned to normal (125) so I can be sure there were no lasting effects of last weekend. I’m a little nervous I’ll have a super binge weekend again, as I’m traveling today and Monday and there is a big family party this Sunday. Luckily, I will be with Kris’s family, though, and it is way easier to eat normally around them. In fact, many of them go almost TOO far in remembering that I like to eat healthy, ruining my attempts at cheating on my diet by reminding me that “there’s a salad over there and I thought I’d let you know since you like to eat healthy” and such (I hope you can sense my sarcasm; they are legit trying to be helpful and nice!). There are also a few diabetics in his family, including a child with type 1 diabetes, so they are very diligent about having healthy snacks available (i.e rice cakes, bits of fruit for if their sugar is low, low-sugar yogurt) so I know that healthy options will be plentiful and unhealthy ones limited. Well, there might be cookies, but Kris will probably eat them all before anyone else can get any! There should be swimming (the place we are staying has a pool) and I also have 3 and 6 mile runs this weekend, so that will help if there are extra foods to be eaten!

Speaking of exercise, today is a rest day! Well, unless you count packing up my car to head back to school for the fall (I will be heading there immediately following the trip to see Kris’s family). I can’t believe I am going to say this, but I am SO HAPPY today is a rest day. When I was training for my last half, I hated my rest days. I felt super lazy and anxious on them. Now, even though I am only running one extra day per week (and keep in mind this is a switch from cycling to running on the 5th day, not from rest to running) I find that the training is kicking my ass. In general, I’ve been weaker lately – runs are more exhausting and my pace is super slow, as I have frequently complained about. Even though I worked out pretty consistently this summer the week or two that I took off plus my decreased attention to strength training has probably contributed to this. I am hoping that after I stick to consistent training for about a month my body will remember what it is doing and be less exhausted by all of this.

It doesn’t help that yesterday, because I had a 3 mile run + strength on my schedule, but no weights, I decided to do a bunch of random bodyweight exercises at home, and got the idea in my head to try one-legged squats for the first time. Holy cow did those work my quads and glutes! I haven’t had the squatted-so-hard-I-dread-the-toilet-and-stairs feeling in a long time, so I am glad to know a new workout that does that to me! My legs are also in general sore from all of my running (I was running about 12-15 miles per week this summer and I’ve jumped to like 17-19 with training) so walking around is…interesting. You should have seen me trying to go up the stairs last night after having a little bit too much wine!

Have a good weekend! Here is to hoping that I can stay on track – or at least not fail as miserably as last weekend!


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