Wedding Anniversary!

One year ago today, Kris and I got married!


Some highlights of the day:

    • You know, actually getting married.
    • My flowers were pretty. The florist was one of two successful vendors (the other being the DJ), so this is a pretty big success.

      My flowers in a vase later in the day. They all looked the same, mine were just bigger. I’m glad this place worked out because this was seriously the only florist that wasn’t outright rude to me. This place was also reasonably priced and they had a dog that roamed their shop so they get an A+.

  • I looked really nice and had cool accessories.

My mom and I found this necklace for like 50% off of 75% off. Also: I almost didn’t get a veil. Silly me. Oh and check out the makeup:  That was not professional, my friend/roomie/bridesmaid did it. I also didn’t mean to make this comment have bigger font I don’t know what is happening ahhhh.

All other money saved on this wedding was lost on these amazing shoes. I promise I’ve tried to wear them again but they don’t go with much.

Sentimental stuff: This personalized bracelet my bridesmaids gave to me (has special messages from each engraved) was the perfect way to carry these rings from late relatives/family friends into the ceremony.

  • My DIY stuff turned out pretty well. Except the pew bows. Don’t make those, buy them. I almost cried from the tedium of making them. Not pictured (for privacy) but turned out well: place cards and programs.

Centerpieces. I also had square ones, but somehow have no pictures?

Candy bar. Note this turned out well as a DIY project, but did not turn out well in general…

We had several diabetic guests so we made our own sugar free cupcakes. This has a minor horror story: we could not find sugar free frosting ANYWHERE (seriously all we could find was chocolate on clearance so we thought it was being discontinued) so my grandma ordered an entire case on Amazon. Half of the case was expired (she was refunded), but luckily we had enough to ice them. Sugar free frosting started re-appearing in stores a few months later.

We made these mints ourselves! Disclaimer: did not make the rings.

  • We got to ride in golf carts.

  • I beat Kris at the dollar dance because his own mother gave me $20!
  • The guests seemed to have fun!

Now, on to the horror stories.

  • It was 60 degrees and raining. I had planned for it to be 100 and sunny. I bought tons of sunscreen and bottled water and hairspray and had program fans made and everyone was freezing.
  • The venue fired everyone except the chef about 3 months before my wedding and refused to return any of my phone calls until a month ahead of time, so I almost thought I wouldn’t have a venue. This did not turn out well: among other issues, the day-of coordinator had never run a wedding before.
  • I almost passed out from not eating.
  • No one knew where the candy bar was so they thought we had no favors and I had a crapton of leftover candy.
  • We had too many cookies (my mom insisted on making a half dozen per invited guest).
  • The venue forgot to serve the white cake (we had white and chocolate) so almost the whole thing was left over and some people didn’t get cake.
  • No one removed the ribbon from our cake so we couldn’t really cut our cake.

You can see it really well in this photo.

  • The well broke and there was no running water or toilets for awhile. Not only was this inconvenient, but it meant that a fountain we planned to take photos with wasn’t working. Luckily, the amazing DJ (one of the only other good vendors) used to be a plumber and fixed it FOR FREE.
  • Our original photographer went to JAIL after we’d paid him 60% of costs and we never got our money back. We hired another person, but had to halve our budget and while we got quality service the amount of service we got was really reduced from what we wanted (like, we had her for 4 hours rather than the whole day so there are no professional photos of me getting ready). And I’m only telling the short version here.
  • My car was so decorated that things flew off as we drove to the hotel.

Funny story: we drove a bridesmaid to the airport the next day in this car and she sat up front with me and I think the people on the interstate thought she and I got married.

  • Speaking of hotels, everyone had to stay in this really really shady motel (there were like 12 locks and numerous tool marks from people trying to break in on the door) that was right next to a GIGANTIC crisis pregnancy center with a whole bunch of anti-abortion propaganda outside because of a large festival in the town near the venue. Kris and I got the last room available in that town: it was a $220 room at a Comfort Inn and there were no legal parking spaces at it. And the hot tub was cold.
  • We had to cancel our honeymoon (long story for another time) and stay at my grandparents’ house the day after our wedding.
  • I’m sure I’m forgetting at least 20 things. It was that bad. There were also just general issues, like venues being rude and dismissive towards us (we had one place where the wedding planner person just tried to text her coworkers with answers to our questions instead of meeting with us at a scheduled time).

Now, you may be thinking “Well, congratulations and all, but, this is a blog about losing weight and not wedding planning so now I’m bored.”

To you, I would respond with these photos.

Trying on my wedding dress in October 2012. I weigh about 200 lbs here and the dress is a 16W.

My wedding day (August 11, 2012) at 140 lbs. The dress here is a 12 altered down to about an 8 (they only had a 12 or a 6 available).

I will note: despite the bad reputation of David’s Bridal (I used them to save money), they were amazing about the whole weight loss thing. Because I had not worn or altered my larger dress yet they let me exchange it for a smaller size (the only catch was I had to pick one in stock and then pay for alterations – most of the expense was in hemming it anyway, which I would have needed on any dress). They even refunded the cost difference between the plus size and straight size gown!

And just because you sat through this


, here is a picture of Belle helping me make those pew bows:


3 thoughts on “Wedding Anniversary!

  1. Wow. Congratulations. Thank you for sharing photos of your day. Although things did not go exactly as you planned them (it never does), the most important aspects of it were there – you and your husband.

    • Thanks! And I realize I had a great day despite all of the hang ups – when I am talking to people who are planning their own weddings, I tend to lead by telling them all my horror stories. Then, when they are looking at me like “omg never going to have a wedding” I say something like “And I had an amazing day and have no regrets! And it’s so unlikely that more things will go wrong at your wedding that I can assure you that you will have an amazing day, too!” which helps to amuse and reassure them 🙂

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