My Semesterly Computer Death

Every semester, my computer dies. Seriously. At least once per semester.

My personal favorites:

  1. Computer stops turning on the day I need to print a 10 page paper. Luckily I am able to prove it to professor and get a local place to copy my hard drive for me (I don’t know how to do it myself yet) and turn it in the next day. While trying to figure out if Toshiba or Staples should fix the computer (I had warranties through both), the computer magically starts working again.
  2. Dumped about 1 oz of water on computer. Wipe it off and use it for hours. Leave the house. Come home to find out it won’t turn on anymore. It is important to note here I am in a new town and have no idea where to get a computer fixed. Freak out and rush it to the first place recommended, which is totally shady looking (it is actually an awesome place that I always go to now, looks can be deceiving). They tell me it is just the keyboard that is fried and help me to look through used keyboards to see if I can find one. When we can’t, they help me find a knockoff one on the internet so I don’t have to order an $80 from Toshiba. They even show me how to install it and CHARGE ME NOTHING since they “didn’t do anything.” Needless to say, I try to give them service when actually needed now.
  3. In general, my power cords tend to catch on fire. Luckily, shady computer store that is actually awesome always has some in stock for about 1/4 the price of Walmart.
  4. A few months after the water incident, I dump an entire cup of coffee on my computer. During finals week. It luckily dries out and seems fine. At this point a family member buys me an external hard drive as I had no backups of anything when this occurred.
  5. This January: the day before the semester starts, my computer stops charging. The cord isn’t on fire, but I try a new cord anyway (I keep backups around). Shady computer store isn’t open. I take it somewhere else, and they want to charge me almost as much as I paid for the now 4 year old laptop to replace the little port where the power cord plugs in. I buy a new laptop instead. Yay?

This brings me to today: a mere 6 months later, my new laptop is falling apart. I am already missing a shift key and one of the lock buttons for my battery, but those are no cause for alarm, so I just leave them the way they are. It gives the laptop character, yes? Then, today, with no warning whatsoever, the CD drive falls out. It was fine this morning, but apparently it did not like the drive from Ohio to Indiana, despite being in TWO laptop sleeves (in a portable one inside the one in my backpack). I just picked it up and the CD drive stayed behind. Luckily, the thing is under warranty until next April, so I call Samsung. The guy on the phone tells me that in all the years he has worked for them, he has NEVER heard of this happening. Apparently my luck is just that bad. So, here I sit tonight, one week before the semester starts, backing up my computer so I can send it away. Hopefully it doesn’t take 3 weeks (the max it could take – he said more like 8 days).

My posts might be a bit spotty till I get it back. But don’t worry – I won’t be able to waste time on the internet so I’ll be sure to stick to my training!


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