Whenever I get back to school, I have a hard time keeping track of days of the week because honestly, they barely matter in grad school. Yesterday was Friday, which I sort of knew, because I knew I was going to a party on Friday, but I kept forgetting all day that I would be busy at a party in the evening and be unable to put up my foods on Fridays post that day. Oops!

Well, I sort of want to pretend it is ok, because I only really had one food thing to talk about anyway, but I know that isn’t really an excuse. It is basically my one planned post of the week, so I should really stay on top of it. Apologies.

So, what was I going to talk about on “Foods on  Fridays Saturdays,” anyway?

I tried something new this week! I was at Walmart buying supplies to aid in my computer catastrophe when I realized I had nothing to eat for breakfast the  next day. I went to purchase some bagels and neufchatel cheese, which I prefer over low-fat cream cheese, when I discovered that they only had fat-free or full-fat cream cheese. Like, they didn’t even have low-fat cream cheese, let alone neufchatel. Ugh, this is why I dislike Walmart (I knew their external hard drives and printers would be cheapest, though). They did, however, have cream cheese + greek yogurt which had similar nutrition stats to low fat cream cheese. I’ve been eating  it all week, and I have to say it is a tolerable substitute. I still very much prefer neufchatel cheese, because this greek yogurt cream cheese still has a hint of that weird fake sweet taste that low and fat-free cream cheese have,  but I would eat this over low-fat cream cheese any day. because it is still creamy.

I also had a coupon for Larabars (I got them for like 65 cents each!!) so I bought a few flavors of the ALT variety to try. These seem to be their high protein version of their bars (over 10g each). I bought lemon, peanut butter cookie, and pumpkin pie to try. I fully intended to try at least one and review them for you, but I didn’t run into a situation where I needed to eat a protein bar. I am sure that during the first week of the semester I will end up in a frazzled enough position to try one, though. They sound good, at least. Hopefully they aren’t a weird texture like Quest bars. I’m still not sure how anyone likes those (and yes, I’ve tried the microwaved cookie dough flavor).  Hopefully I will find something other than Clif bars that I can eat!

Oh, and this has nothing to do with food, per se, but today I ran to the thrift store to see if I could find a “new” purse.  I didn’t find a purse, but I did find 2 brand new pairs of Levi’s for $7 each! Just a PSA to check thrift stores first! Now off to the mall to find an actual brand new purse!


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