5K “PR”

Today was a day that started out somewhat poorly, but then improved.

First, I woke up a bit later than planned. I’ve been really tired ever since I moved back out to Indiana. I think it’s because of the addition of bike commuting to my daily routine on top of half marathon training. So I planned on getting up around 7, but didn’t get up until 9. It didn’t really matter that much, I guess, because I didn’t really have anything planned. I just really dislike waking up late because it makes me feel like I’m wasting the day.

Then, when I finally decided to go be productive, I set out the following plan:

  • Go to gym for 5K run
  • Go to carwash to sweep and wash gross car
  • Return home to eat leftovers for lunch
  • Clean bathroom
  • Maybe clean kitchen floor while in cleaning mode
  • Finally relax by continuing to agonize over minutiae shop for purses and shoes online

I left at about 11 am to go to the gym. When I arrived, however, I discovered that it was not opening until 1 pm for some inexplicable reason. This seemed really weird to me, as all of the students are back, and all of them were trying to go to the gym. Like, 5 people walked up and yelled at the door at the same time as me. This is not normal for a Sunday (campus is usually blissfully dead), but it was normal for the first week of classes, so I was confused. Oh well, I decided, I’ll just grab some lunch (I had a bagel for breakfast and they are among the least filling things in the world) and go clean the car.

This went ok. I had a lackluster lunch at Subway and then attempted to clean my car. I think I need an industrial sized lint roller to get out all of the white dog fur, though, because 3 full vacuumings did basically nothing (well, it got out other dirt, but exactly zero hairs).  I also still need to wipe down the inside of the car, because by the time I finished sweeping, I was too lazy to buy Armor All packets out of the vending machine to wipe it down. They will be cheaper at a regular store anyway. And, speaking of regular stores, I discovered that I probably need new floor mats and seat covers. The velvety stuff on my seatcovers (to be fair, I bought these when I was 16) is coming off and I have apparently worn a hole in the floor mat where my foot sits while I drive. Lovely.  I might keep this car for a longish time, though, so buying new stuff should be worth it.

After cleaning the car, I finally returned to the gym. I was still about 15-20 minutes early, so I just sat in my car and browsed the internet to kill time. I really should have gone and waited at the doors apparently, though, because after I walked over there at about 12:55, I discovered there was a line to check in that stretched the whole way to the door! Luckily, these people were not runners (I assume) and I did not have to wait in line to use a treadmill. I’m guessing a large part of the line was people signing up for lockers now that they are in town.

So, why exactly was I wasting my time using a treadmill on a lovely Sunday morning/afternoon? After discovering that the gym was closed until 1, I did consider running outside, but then I remembered that my shoes were locked up inside of the gym, so that was not actually an option. Additionally, I planned on running at the gym because according to my training plan, I was supposed to run a 5K race today, but I couldn’t find any races. The next best thing I could think of was to run a race pace 5K, and I figured doing it on a treadmill would ensure I actually met that pace and didn’t just jog around enjoying the scenery.

After I FINALLY got into the gym, my plan payed off! I set the treadmill to 8 minutes per mile and figured I’d speed up near the end. This would put me on track for a 25 minute 5K, which I have been trying to achieve for quite awhile. I sort of achieved this goal at a 5K during the spring, but I wasn’t 100% sure whether that was real or a GPS inaccuracy. Today, I proved to myself that I could do it, running 3.1 miles in 24:47! Yay! I still need to do it in a race to feel official about it, but now I at least know that I can. It was especially rewarding to realize that I could do it after my crappy paces all summer.

Then, the day continued to go well! I came home and finished all of those chores, and I even found a purse. Well, I’m considering the purse a good thing for now. I’ve been looking for a small crossbody bag that I can put into my backpack as all of my other purses are GIANT totes or are backpacks themselves, but I am EXTREMELY picky. I drug my poor roomie/friend all around yesterday afternoon basically whining about how the purses at Macy’s weren’t perfect enough and I would have to go and look at them online again. Then, once I went online, I kept changing my mind. I could save a lot of money if I went with nylon, but I really prefer leather; I could get a really cute pink kate spade purse, but I really wanted brown or black (which cost more). You get the picture. I finally started browsing around on Ebay, where I rarely buy things despite my thrifty nature. Luckily, I came across a Coach purse that had no bids (I’m guessing because they mispelled Coach). If it arrives in terrible condition next week, you all can laugh at me, but I did some mini-research and it appears to be real (it at least has a realistic serial number). Even if it is fake, I’ll probably like it. I actually have a fake Coach (purchased for $5 at a yard sale) that is almost exactly like it that I really really like but almost never carry because it has this stupid cell phone thing on the outside that is the wrong shape for my phone. I really hate that it has this completely dysfunctional pocket that messes up the clean lines of the outside so I don’t carry it. Despite being fake, it is made of nice, durable, leather, so I actually really feel like it was a steal.  I still haven’t found shoes yet, though, because I’m the pickiest person in the world.

Also, now that I’ve been so productive (I ran 3 miles and cleaned 2 whole things!), I’m super bored. I should enjoy it while it lasts, because once the semester starts tomorrow, I won’t be bored for 15 more weeks. Maybe I’ll agonize about finding perfect floor mats for my car.



5 thoughts on “5K “PR”

  1. Woooooo congrats on your PR!! And congrats on the purse find on ebay, too! I’m super picky about purses as well, so I totally get how exciting that is. 🙂

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